If there were 8 days in a week

We spent day 6 of kcwc at the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival, followed by a visit to the pumpkin patch and dinner at my favourite Chinese restaurant in Foster City–best egg puffs EVER. We went with Froo & Boo’s 2nd cousin, who was the ring bearer at our wedding, but is now a big boy! We also went with his grandparents (the hubs’ aunt & uncle) who are visiting from Vancouver. It’s great being with family.

Uncle left his iPhone at our place, so we spent day 7 meeting up at the Ferry Building in San Francisco–one of my favourite places in the city. Then we went to watch our ring bearer’s little league baseball game. Froo & Boo had a blast! Afterwards, we went to shop for Korean groceries in Daly City, then had Froo & Boo’s other 2nd cousins over for dinner. Fewf!

I still had some fabric cut out on day 5 that I wanted to get finished, so I spent yesterday (day 8) at the sewing machine. Confused. Cussing. Seam ripping. I should have left my project undone. But I was determined. I’m pretty sure I have excellent reading comprehension and my sewing skills are alright, but trying to read the instructions in the pattern (McCall’s M6156) I was using was futile. I improvised on most of the directions, according to what I thought made sense. I feel like the pattern makers were trying to save on print, so they used the least amount of words and the smallest illustrations as possible. I need some Oliver + S patterns!

So after all that complaining (don’t even get me started on my machine), here it is:

The fabric is the same heavy herringbone cotton that I used for Boo’s art smock. It is also the same fabric that I used to make my Wiksten Tova dress. The contrasting floral print is from a super-old Old Navy button-down shirt I had. I love my tova dress, it’s comfy and easy to wear. I wanted to make Froo a similar dress, but couldn’t fathom drafting a smaller size of the tova–a beautifully crafted pattern. I’ve made 3 so far and it makes me feel like a sewing superstar every time I finish one. I have some Nani Iro saved for my next tova.

I made Froo’s dress in size 6, but it was much too big on her. I changed the sleeves to match the tova.

Here’s Froo practicing her “school photo” pose:

The waistband on Froo’s dress is elasticized and there is also a tie at the back. It’s still wide with both, but it should fit her next year.

Here are some photos sans Froo.

While waiting for the camera timer, we had a photo bomber incident! 12 seconds is a very long time to wait when it comes to little kids…


kcwc – My first time!

I’ve been looking forward to the kids clothes week challenge (kcwc) because I wanted to get moving on some fall sewing projects for Froo & Boo. My enthusiasm waned as I finished Day 1 with just taping my pattern pieces together, tracing them and cutting them out. I fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 7am the next morning! Luckily, I have an understanding hubs who took care of baths, night time routines and dirty dishes.

To get some fall fashion inspiration, I don’t have to travel very far. For instance, when shopping at Stanford Mall, there are people who actually look like this:

And this:

And I think I rather like it. I don’t think I can get my hubs to wear a bowtie, but little Boo–why not?

Last month, I purchased this pattern on Etsy to make Boo a shawl-collar cardigan. It was going to be navy blue, but that fabric ended up being Froo’s “Kate Middlton” coat. For kcwc, I decided I would make Froo the same one. Awhile back, I bought 2 shades of purple to make a knit baby blanket for Boo, but it never happened. So Boo gets a deep purple shawl-collar cardigan and Froo gets a mauve one. Look at my little preppies:

I think they look a little serious, even with their sunnies on, so I asked Froo to crack a smile. Boo just wanted to run.

So off they went:

And again:

This game doesn’t seem to get old.

Froo got matching leg warmers for the fall season. I never know what to do with leftover knit fabric scraps, but these little leg warmers are perfect with dresses and skirts. They are like tapered sleeves with cuffs on both ends. They even fit me as arm warmers. I might use them when sewing at night–it’s starting to get pretty chilly.

Boo got a cute double-layer bow tie to complete his outfit. I made it with rounded corners and attached it to a bar pin. It is made from the fabric I used to bind Froo’s Fly A Kite quilt.

Froo’s Ray Bans ended up matching her shawl-collar cardigan. I made her cardigan in size 6, following the measurement chart. The length was great, but it was really wide on her. I took in almost 2″ on both sides. It is definitely cut for a boy’s body. Boo’s size 3 fits pretty well, with a bit of room to grow. For an 18-month old, he is huge. At his paediatrician appointment yesterday, I found out that he was 99+ percentile for height.

Froo’s cardigan is made with a stretch French Terry with rib-knit for the cuffs and waistband. Boo’s cardigan is a thick cotton sweatshirt fleece. I added a bit of detail, including: elbow patches, contrasting cuffs/waistband and a cotton velour bunny pirate applique patch. The pearlescent heart buttons on Froo’s is from the large bag of mystery buttons that I bought at Michael’s for Froo’s birthday quiet book. Score! The ears are made with some Liberty of London fabric that I use for items in my shop. Here is a look at the cardigans, sans Froo & Boo. Look how well they cooperate for the camera:

There are a couple of days left to kcwc, so I might be able to squeeze one more project in!

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