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  1. Mary Tang

    Irene I have enjoyed reading every word on your blog. It’s exciting to accompany you on your creative journey from the start. You are indeed a creative and innovative craftswoman. You have decorated the interior of your home with artistic flair and the camera case you created reflects the principal of good design, that ‘form should follow function’. Well done. I look forward to seeing more posts on your blog.

  2. littleputtstuff

    Irene you are FABULOUS!!!!!! you know how much I love blogs and I love this. Oh tomorrow won’t be the same without you at school, but I will be thinking of the four of you in Cali land. PS, after making Froo’s coat (adorable), you could takeover my class easily- try your hand at the Minoru, sale until the 4th…Type at me later.


  3. Ollie

    I have two adorable little great-grandbabies, just the perfect recipients for DroolyBibs…can you please identify the manufacturer, or where you purchased the breathable vinyl you described in the how-to section? Can’t seem to locate any in my area (east of San Francisco, CA). Thank you for your fun blog.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m not sure who manufactures the fabric or what it’s called. I bought it off the bolt at a store called Fabricana in Canada and I now live in San Mateo. I tried searching for it online but haven’t had much luck. Your best bet would be to keep searching and try stores like Fabric Outlet or Discount Fabrics in San Francisco. Hope that helps!

      • Ollie

        Thank you so very much for all your trouble…I will make some phone calls and hope I can find that vinyl. When I made bibs years ago when my children were babies, the plastic I used to interline them eventually turned very stiff and had to be cut out…too many launderings!

      • No Problem! You could also use ripstop nylon. It’s thin and waterproof, too.

  4. HI! I can not find an rss feed for you. I would love to follow you on feedly!

  5. love your blog. so cute and creative! my kids are similiar age girl 5 and boy 3 im in fashion design so im so touched by your sewing and whimsy. i have my fun stuff i do on etsy.

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