Perfect Pattern Parcel #5: Sunki Dress

Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
It’s time for Perfect Pattern Parcel again! For the 5th edition, the pattern collection is curated for Girls & Tweens. Purchasing your parcel is a great way to support indie pattern designers, while making a donation to Donors Choose, a charity organization supporting students in need.

Besides all of the amazing patterns, the best part of your purchase is choosing your price! The minimum price is $16 for 5 patterns. You can also unlock the bonus pattern with a minimum price of $28.
Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win!
Patterns included: Peek-a-Boo Patterns Lily Knit Blazer / Filles a Maman Mimi Dress and Shirt / EYMM Asymmetrical Drape Top / Fishstick Designs Playhouse Dress / Greenstyle Everyday Yoga Pant

Bonus pattern: Figgy’s Sunki Dress
Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win
With fall approaching, I decided to make the Sunki dress for Froo. I love a great 3/4 sleeve dress worn with leggings and a pair of boots.
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
The boots only lasted a couple of shots until Froo started complaining–it’s still sunny and warm in the Bay Area.
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
After taking Froo’s measurements, I made the dress in size 8/9. She was at the upper edge of 6/7, but I want her to be able to wear this dress into next year. I’m all for sizing up and wearing dresses until they become tunic tops. One of the reasons why I avoid full-length sleeves on Froo.

The front of the dress:
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
The back of the dress:
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
The fabric is a large scale floral print in a soft, stretch cotton twill. I bought it on sale at Fabricana when we were up in Canada a couple of weeks ago. I was undecided on the fabric–I wasn’t sure if it was screaming grannie’s curtains (I could almost hear my mom’s voice asking me why I would put something old-fashioned on my daughter) or if it was updated vintage, which is a style that is always on-trend. Then I noticed that the leaves were grey and quickly purchased the remaining 1.5 metres. Had the leaves been green, I don’t think I would have purchased it.
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
This poor little bunny was hiding in the washing machine before I pre-washed a pile of dark fabric. It used to be a pale pink, but it was dyed a pale purple-blue. Oops. It was gifted to Froo when she was a tiny newborn. She then gave it to Boo when he was born, because he was born in the year of the rabbit. Then Boo gave it back to Froo, saying the new colour is yucky. Froo loves the bunny’s new look and took it back. The drama!
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
The style of the Sunki dress is unique and has some flattering features: pleated sleeves, integrated pockets, overlapping shoulders and curved seams. However, I had some trouble figuring out the instructions. It’s not a difficult dress to sew, but the instructions are concise and slightly vague. For instance, “stitch the zipper to the garment” left me wondering where to line the top of the zipper and where the stitching should line up from the edge.
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
If you are making this dress, I would recommend the following links for clarification: charm stitch was super helpful in navigating the pattern, very shannon gave useful tips for sewing the zipper and finally, Figgy’s has a photo tutorial for the pockets and side panel.
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
Perfect Pattern Parce #5: Sunki dress
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18 responses to “Perfect Pattern Parcel #5: Sunki Dress

  1. love that fabirc you chose!! this dress is on my (endless) to do list. Thank you for the helpful links! your girl is such a doll!

    • Merci, Sophie! I love the design of the Sunki. I might even fit into the largest tween size–I’m considering sewing it up for myself!

      • HI again! thank you for the comment on my blog. Just one question: I have cut my fabric for the sunki dress, but I am wondering: did you use an invisible zipper? would you recommend using one of a normal zipper??? thank you:=)

      • Hi Sophie! I’d definitely recommend an invisible zipper for a cleaner finish. The instructions provided will give you a similar effect, but the seams and zipper are visible. Line up the zipper tab 0.5″ down from the top of the neckline. Hope that helps! I can’t wait to see your Sunki dress!

  2. Meg

    Gorgeous! Love the fabric!

  3. Your little girl is so gorgeous in this dress! I only wish mine would willingly wear dresses in woven fabrics…

    • Thanks Fiona! You could try it in a knit or stretch wovens are a great compromise. I am always on the look out for great prints in stretch wovens, which can be challenging.

  4. That dress is darling and I love the story of the bunny! Too funny!

  5. Super cute! I think the fabric is cool!

  6. thatmoxiegirl

    I love your fabric choice. While that fabric may be old fashioned on it’s own, it is so perfectly modern on a girl now. Love!

  7. It’s updated vintage, for sure! What a great dress- and I’m with you, I love using dresses as tunics for my girls as they grow! Especially for those handmade goodies I slaved over. Nice work!

  8. lucinda

    Good call on the grey leaves:) The fabric looks beautiful, and when sewn with a streamlined pattern like the Sunki, looks very modern. I used the same blog posts you mention when I sewed my daughters dress last winter – whatever did sewing moms do before the Internet?! Also love the bunny story:) Glad its ownership has come full circle!

    • Thanks Lucinda! I love the lines of the Sunki pattern, too. I have no idea… I’ve learned most of my sewing techniques from the Internet. I’m always so grateful for the online sewing community for making sewing so accessible.

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