Sew Ready to Play

Froo & Boo: Sew Ready to Play
Today, I’m guest posting at Louise’s blog, I’m Feeling Crafty. She has organized a series dedicated to sewing projects inspired by your favourite game. Froo & Boo aren’t into board games yet, preferring to make up their own games instead. To see what I created for the Sew Ready to Play series, please head over to I’m Feeling Crafty!

p.s. In case you were wondering, this is how Froo’s Build-A-Bear birthday cake turned out yesterday!
Froo's Build-A-Bear Birthday Cake Froo's Build-A-Bear Birthday Cake Froo's Build-A-Bear Birthday Cake
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6 responses to “Sew Ready to Play

  1. Oh Irene, the first photo is hilarious! haha… Happy birthday to Froo! So, you baked the bear cake? Looks yummy! 🙂

  2. The bear cake looks absolutely huggable. I’m so happy to see that spotty School Photo dress again. Love!

  3. lucinda

    that is an AMAZING cake! Wow – I’m impressed! You obviously cake decorate as well as you sew:)

    • Thanks Lucinda! I find baking much more stressful! There are so many unknown variables to contend with. Like hot weather melting my buttercream frosting! We had to move the bear back and forth from the fridge every 10 minutes. I think I’ll stick to sewing!

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