Froo’s 6th Birthday!

Froo's 6th Birthday
Just popping in to wish my Froo bear a big happy 6th birthday! We celebrated Froo’s birthday a week early in Vancouver with our friends. It was a great way to get together and have all 12 (a dozen!) of our kids play together in my parents’ backyard. It was a little surreal–it’s the same backyard where I had my childhood birthday parties.
Froo's 6th Birthday
Tomorrow, we’re looking forward to a Build-A-Bear party! I’ve been wanting to throw a Build-A-Bear party before I even had kids. Today’s plans include: baking a bear cake together, filling up Froo’s day with arts & crafts happiness and eating dinner at her favourite restaurant.

This year, there aren’t any epic handmade birthday gifts. (For Froo’s 4th birthday, I made her a quiet book, for her 5th birthday, a pair of funny bunnies.) Instead, I bought Froo a shirt from Target and handstitched shiny beads in the shape of the no. 6 in one of the sparkly hearts. It’s a little wonky, a little last minute, but it’s a little something handmade.
Froo's 6th Birthday
I’m always astounded at the developmental growth that happens at each birthday, but this year, I feel like there’s a different kind of jump–more of a giant leap out of the toddler years into the beginning stages of big-kidness. The independence and acceptance of responsibility, combined with a soft and caring heart, makes me so proud of my Froo. She is growing up in a way that isn’t just measured in inches, pounds and physical milestones.

My heart swells.



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