The finale: flower girl dress & ring bearer suit

Uncle E & Auntie Y's Wedding Day
Finally, a post about the wedding! We are back in California, still recovering from an amazing visit back home. The hubs’ little brother has all grown up–I’m so proud of him! He was still in high school when he was a groomsman at our wedding and now he has a beautiful wife, ready to begin the adventure of married life.

I took the photos of Froo & Boo’s flower girl dress and ring bearer suit after they had been squished in a suitcase for several days, with chocolate mousse stains, donut frosting and all. Yikes.

This dress:
Froo's Fairy Tale Flower Girl Dress
Ooh. Aah. The one and only fairy tale dress pattern by Oliver + S, in size 6. It was a tonne of work, but it really saved me when I needed to work out the vision stuck in my head. The main fabric is a heavy polyester satin in ivory and the skirt looks like rosettes stitched onto tulle. Both fabrics were purchased at Fabric Outlet in San Francisco.

I made a couple of modifications. I mentioned before that I lengthened the bodice by 1 1/2″ and took in the center back by 1/4″. With this dress, it’s important to make a muslin to get the exact fit. Instead of taking the bodice in at the sides, I chose the center back because the side seams were located in just the right position–most likely from what’s left of Froo’s toddler tummy. As of next week, she will no longer be a toddler!

I also cut a one-piece skirt and widened it to 60″. I did this because the width of the satin was 60″, which meant that I could cut a single piece from selvedge to selvedge, eliminating the need to finish the seams. There are 4 layers of the skirt! The rosette tulle over a layer of satin over a layer of crinoline over a layer of lining. Fewf!
Froo's Fairy Tale Flower Girl Dress
The back of the dress:
Froo's Fairy Tale Flower Girl Dress
This is probably my favourite detail about this dress. Just a simple angled line to create a dramatic v-back. The bodice is lined with the same fabric because I wanted to ensure the neckline would stay fairly stiff. I really like the polyester satin because it doesn’t wrinkle very much.

The invisible zipper was a little tricky with all of the skirt layers. To get around this, I basted the rosette tulle onto the satin skirt, leaving an inch unsewn at each end. I sewed the zipper onto the satin skirt only and continued to follow the instructions. Afterwards, I hand stitched the rosette tulle close to the zipper seam. I hope that makes sense!
Froo's Fairy Tale Flower Girl Dress
I almost forgot to include Froo’s hair jewels! It’s a jeweled and beaded applique that was stitched on tulle, purchased at Britex Fabrics. I hand stitched it to a piece of white felt, then carefully cut around the finished edge of the applique. Afterwards, I used E6000 glue to attach it to a satin covered headband that I bought at Jo-Ann.
Froo's Flower Girl Hair Jewels
Boo’s ring bearer outfit is a cute little black suit. The fabric is pretty awesome, also from Fabric Outlet. I reckon it’s the absolute best fabric to make a child’s suit. It’s a thick stretch sateen cotton, with 2 layers fused together. The sheen of the fabric makes it formal, with enough stretchiness for a squirmy boy and the thickness of the suit makes it virtually wrinkle-free.
Boo's Ring Bearer Tuxedo
Boo’s blazer is the Basic Blazer pattern by Blank Slate Patterns. If I were to make it again, I think I would try to get a better fit on Boo. There was just a little something that didn’t lay flat at the shoulders. I think it’s the shape of the arm scythe and the way the sleeves are set-in. I noticed it in his practice blazer, but thought it might be a problem with the sleeves being too short on Boo. But I’m being super picky and Boo was ever so cute!

A salesperson at Britex Fabrics recommended satin covered buttons for a tuxedo look. They aren’t something I would have previously considered, but they do look sharp and I’m happy with how it turned out.
Boo's Ring Bearer Tuxedo
The lining is a cotton voile in black plaid. I also added a hem facing to the lining, to ensure the blazer had a nice crisp hem.
Boo's Ring Bearer Tuxedo
The pants are the art museum trousers by Oliver + S. I didn’t add the belt loops because tuxedo pants are not worn with a belt. For the elastic, I placed it at the side seams instead, to keep the front waistband flat. The fit is perfect.
Boo's Ring Bearer Tuxedo
I had a major hiccup with one of the welt pockets. I had to throw it in the bin and cut a new pant leg. I couldn’t risk another frustrating pocket, so I decided to go without. I’m pretty sure it was because the fabric was too thick, because I know I can make a great pair of welt pockets!
Boo's Ring Bearer Tuxedo
I took a couple (hundred) photos of Froo & Boo in their finale flower girl dress and ring bearer suit. They are such crazy clowns! By the end of the photoshoot, the artwork from the magnet board had disappeared. It’s always a surprise when I upload my batch of photos. Please know that these sweet looking kids are really full of mischief.
Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit
I mentioned in my previous post that I didn’t take too many photos on the day of the wedding. My photography is usually limited to a tightly controlled environment, where I can set up my camera and shoot 500 photos in 3 minutes, with sweet and sticky bribes as a reward (see above). When in public, I usually feel like a fraud, holding a dslr, while taking blurry photos, with sweat running down my face, ruining my makeup. No thanks.

So here’s a combination of iPhone photos and some random shots:
Uncle E & Froo Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer SuitFroo's Flower Girl Dress Froo & Boo's Flower Girl Dress and Ring Bearer Suit Froo's Flower Girl DressBoo eating donut frosting
I do regret not getting a photo of me with the kids. The hubs asked the wedding photographer to take a couple of shots of our family, so we’ll have to wait for those. I’m not sure if he was being sweet or frugal–hoping they turn out so I won’t make him take family portraits again!

Froo & Boo with my older sister and younger brother:
Uncle E & Auntie Y's Wedding Day
Uncle E & Auntie Y's Wedding Day
The wedding was oh-so-beautiful. It was heartwarming to connect with Uncle E’s bride. They started dating at around the time I was pregnant with Boo–I have no idea how we survived that year with a toddler and newborn! My memory is still hazy… then we moved to California when Boo was 1, so the distance has made it difficult. But I’m confident that Uncle E and Auntie Y will have a wonderful marriage! She is lovely, genuine and makes Uncle E happy. I can see how the love Uncle E has for Auntie Y has really transformed him into a man who will become a wonderful husband. He gave an emotional speech at his wedding that had me (and everyone else) in tears.

Congratulations Uncle E & Auntie Y! xoxo.


11 responses to “The finale: flower girl dress & ring bearer suit

  1. I am in UTTER AWE of this! Seriously, amazing and so well done. You should be so so proud!! I bow down to you!!! -E

    • Thanks Erin! It does feel like a huge accomplishment to complete a project like this. I feel like I should take a break and make some quick flashback skinny tees!

  2. Irene this is such amazing sewing. Both outfits are stunning and perfectly executed. The kids are as beautiful as it’s possible to be. Well done, I’m so delighted for you.

    • Thanks so much, Shelley! You were so helpful in the Oliver+S discussion, too! I was shocked at how quickly I got feedback to my discussion thread. I can’t wait to try the tulip sleeves!

  3. Both of these outfits are so beautiful! Way to go!!! I can’t even imagine sewing with that rose fabric! Looks fantastic!

    • Thanks Louise! The rose fabric wasn’t too bad–it doesn’t fray and it’s just a bit puffy. Cutting it was a little tricky though. The satin was harder to work with because it kept fraying!

  4. gerdurjonsdottir

    Amazing work on the dress and the suit. Adorable photos of your kids!

  5. Those outfits are stunning! They both look adorable!

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