A Poll: Black or Ivory Bow Tie

Black or Ivory Bow Tie
My Boo is looking pretty smart in his new ring bearer suit. He even cleaned up with a fresh haircut and gel! It’s looking a little sparse, like a nice manicured lawn, but his hair grows like weeds and should be full by the wedding. I originally wanted Boo to wear an ivory bow tie, made with Froo’s flower girl dress fabric, but I thought I would make a black one as well. Now I can’t decide which I prefer. Could you take a moment to vote? Much appreciated!

p.s. The final decision will be up to the bride & groom, but I thought it would be fun to see what seems to be the popular consensus.


2 responses to “A Poll: Black or Ivory Bow Tie

  1. That is a hard decision! He looks so handsome!

  2. So good the poll is still open! IVORY! And their outfits look sooo great!!

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