Practice Flower Girl Dress (An Update)

Fairy Tale Dress Pattern
After my first attempt at a flower girl dress, I reverted back to my go-to pattern maker of choice: Oliver + S, with the fairy tale dress pattern. It irks me that I didn’t have enough foresight to order the paper version when it was on sale, but the convenience of an instant download was a life-saver! With less than 2 weeks until the wedding, I am seriously running out of time.

So you might wonder why I chose the fairytale dress, when it doesn’t seem to meet the criteria I was looking for in a flower girl dress (circle skirt and v-back detail). Here are my reasons:

  • circle skirts are overrated – although twirly, the movement and drape make it difficult to straighten out for photos. A gathered skirt behaves predictably and cooperates with the camera.
  • the v-back modification is rather simple – draw an angled line and shorten the zipper.

What I gain: a wonderfully fitting bodice and impeccable construction of an Oliver + S pattern. I’ve also been combing through the fairy tale dress forum to glean useful tips on sewing the dress. There are some great discussion about things that I need to know that I didn’t know that I needed to know. For instance, creating a one-piece skirt, instead of cutting out 3 separate pieces. Brilliant!

I don’t have time to make a practice fairy tale dress, so I just made a muslin of the bodice to get the perfect fit for Froo. Size 6 with an added 1 1/2″ to the length (long torso) and 1/4″ removed from the centre back piece.

I considered adding the tulip cap sleeves because they are so darn tootin’ cute. I made a pair of sleeves, had a bit of a hiccup trying to figure out the construction, added a thread for discussion, and within a matter of minutes, I had helpful people offering suggestions! The internet is one of my best sewing tools! I then sewed one sleeve, had Froo try on the dress and took a FaceTime poll with the in-laws. Sleeveless won by a landslide. I unstitched the sleeve and now, I’m almost done making the BEST DRESS EVER. Seriously, after this dress, I should stop making dresses, because nothing will ever be as awesome. Except maybe another fairy tale dress with tulip sleeves…

I realize that I can’t very well post photos of the finished dress before the wedding, so I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of the fabric:
Flower Girl Dress Fabric
Isn’t it gorgeous?

I am both scared and excited–the makings of a nervous wreck. It is such an exhilarating feeling! I still have a mini ring bearer suit to make and perhaps, finish the grey suit. At this point, I think the plaid shorts are good enough perfect for the rehearsal.

I hope you’ll visit again! The next time you’re here, I should have the actual flower girl dress and ring boy suit to show you!


4 responses to “Practice Flower Girl Dress (An Update)

  1. Oh, wow…….this dress is going to be stunning!! Thanks for the sneak peek – can’t wait to see more….And your ‘facetime poll’ had me giggling. Isn’t technology the best?? Sometimes.

  2. Ha! You know I was going to suggest the Fairy Tale dress, but re-read your criteria and thought it wasn’t what you were wanting. It is the most awesome special occasion dress pattern and what you’ve made looks like it will be an absolute stunner. Stop feeding the girl and keep it for if she ever gets married herself!!!

    • Thanks Shelley! I love the fairy tale dress! I’m still hand stitching the lining down, but it’s otherwise done. So happy with it! It’s impossible to keep Froo from growing–I sometimes worry that it won’t fit in a week!

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