Practice flower girl dress for Froo

Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
I had a style of dress in mind for Froo’s flower girl dress. It would be ivory (as requested by the bride), but I wanted it to look like this dress I made for her. Simple enough: sleeveless, with a v-back opening, lowered waistline and a circle skirt. So the challenge: attaching a circle skirt to a woven fabric, with double layers to sandwich tulle for fullness. Yeah, no.

While searching for a pattern, I saw this beautiful eyelet dress by iCandy, made from the Georgia Twirl dress pattern by Shwin Designs. For Froo’s practice flower girl dress, I decided on a lightweight cotton voile in bright coral pink. I figured it would be worn again if it were pink, as opposed to ivory.

I sewed up a size 6, without any modifications, except added length and a couple layers of gathered tulle. Oh, and a top layer of matching lace!
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
For the tulle, I cut 4 layers of the bottom skirt piece. I sewed 2 together, making an extra wide skirt. Afterwards, I layered both skirts together to gather the waist and sewed it to the back of the front skirt piece.
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
The skirt on its own is very full and swingy, but the tulle adds a fullness that elevates the dress from “regular princess” to “fairy princess”. An important distinction, I’m told.
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
The back has a v-back opening with a button closure. One thing I didn’t realize before buying the pattern is that the skirt is completely open at the back. Not a huge problem–since the circle skirt is wide, it covers really well when overlapped. There are also optional instructions to tack the skirt in place.
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
The dress is too big at the bodice, even though I brought the bodice in an inch at each side. I could have moved the buttons over, but then I would have lost the v-back detail. In this instance, style won over fit.
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress
The actual flower girl dress fabric is ah-mazing. So excited to sew it up, but a little scared, too. While I love this practice flower girl dress and I can see the potential with a better fitting bodice, I’m not sure if the fabric will work with the open back detail. I might have to try another pattern!

I’ll need to work this out soon–the wedding is only a couple of weeks away! I’ll try to keep you updated with my progress. I’m fully prepared for some late night frenzied sewing until everything is done (and perfect). I’m not a perfectionist, by no means, I just want both Froo & Boo’s garments to reflect a careful detail to fit, fabric and style–not simply that it was handmade by mommy. Besides, it’s easy enough to buy ready-to-wear, but this is Uncle E’s wedding–we are all so excited!

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Froo's Georgia Twirl Dress


14 responses to “Practice flower girl dress for Froo

  1. Ursula

    Looks gorgeous! The Tinny dress pattern by Straight Grain: is similar, with loads of options and really well written, if you need another pattern, Ursula

    • Thanks Ursula! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve looked at the Tinny dress, but it would require some significant changes. I’m hoping to find something that I don’t need to modify too much!

  2. Very beautiful! Uncle E may be in trouble on his wedding day…someone else may steal the show {actually TWO people}. Always love seeing what you are up to….

  3. Tiara

    Serious cuteness overload!

  4. Amy

    👍 Absolutely beautiful! Froo is such a cute model 😊

  5. This is adorable!! Love it!

  6. Erin

    Super cute! What about the Adria circle dress from Amelie clothing on etsy? It’s got all of the features you mentioned. I’ve made two and love them. The bow in the back helps with bodice fit and gives it a bit of drama too. I have skinny kids and used a smaller bodice with a longer circle skirt and it worked out well.

  7. What a lovely dress! In that shade of pink and with the lace overlay it is very reminiscent of Molly Ringwald’s Pretty In Pink dress!
    I can imagine the hospital gown back view could be a problem though!
    Good luck, and I’m sure whatever you make will be stunning!

    • Thanks Shelley! It’s definitely not my style of dress, but I can’t always make my daughter shrunken down versions of grown-up clothes I wish I could wear!

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