Practice Suit for Boo

Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
My brother-in-law (aka “Uncle E”), is getting married in Vancouver this September! The hubs will be a groomsman, while Froo & Boo will be the flower girl and ring bearer, respectively.

I’m super excited about the wedding, but I must admit, I have a bit of anxiety about Boo running walking down the aisle and performing his ring bearer duties. I decided to channel that anxiety into sewing a suit for Boo, but I wanted to make a wearable muslin first, to make sure it fits.

I’m especially worried about Boo in photos. With the going rate of wedding photographers these days, I’m not sure Uncle E will appreciate moments like this:
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
I’m totally dating myself, but the photographer at my wedding shot in film. So what am I thinking? This cute face might require oodles of shots, but it’s all digital and completely worth it! The hubs thinks I’m a crazy doting mommy.
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
For the suit jacket, I used the Blank Slate Basic Blazer pattern by Melly Sews. I used it once before, but modified, to make Froo a fitted blazer for the Project Run & Play competition. Since Boo is a large 3 year old boy, I sewed up a size 4, without any modifications. The only thing I left out were the welt pockets.

The fabric is a cheap, brushed grey canvas. It has a soft, flannel-like feel to it, but I found it in the duck cloth canvas section at Fabric Outlet in San Francisco. It’s quite heavy, making it more appropriate for a winter suit.
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
The lining is a lightweight shirting cotton in a green/brown plaid. Although I like that the lining is soft and gives the blazer a hipster vibe, I think I should have used lining fabric: the silky smoothness would help ease the jacket on, especially through the sleeves. At one point, I had to bend Boo’s long arms like a pretzel to get the blazer on.
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
I used large brown leather buttons on the front. For a practice blazer, they are the most expensive part of the suit!
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
The sleeve buttons are purely decorative. I used the same ones on the dress I made for my niece last year. They are my favourites and I’ve plumb run out. I’m glad we’re going back to Vancouver, so I can pick some up at Dressew. Not sure why, but I’m always drawn to these shiny buttons. Plus, they are only 49 cents for a 3-pack!
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
I’m so glad I made a muslin! Usually, I feel that it’s a waste of time and fabric to make what will only become a practice garment. However, I didn’t realize just how big my boy is. He hasn’t been around on ye olde blog since his 3rd birthday, but the blazer is on the verge of being tight and short in the arms. Not the fault of the pattern–it is excellent, with great instructions. Neither is Boo to blame, so I guess it’s on me–I should have taken his measurements beforehand!
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
Boo’s dress shirt is from Crew Cuts, shorts from Janie & Jack, shoes from Sperry Top-Sider and his bow tie is an oldie. It will be replaced with an ivory satin one, that I will make from the fabric that will become Froo’s flower girl dress. I’m very excited about Froo’s dress. Very, very excited.
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
I’m hoping to make the Oliver+S art museum vest and trousers to complete Boo’s 3-piece suit. I’m a little behind on time, so I’ll get to those after I make the actual ring bearer suit. Besides, I’m confident that the pattern will work out perfectly and I think it would be cute for Boo to wear his grey suit to the rehearsal dinner.

With the right motivation, I’m sure Boo will be a decent ring bearer. In Boo’s world, motivation is defined as: anything sweet and sticky, usually appearing in a lollipop form. Now all we have to work on is separating Boo from his hippo…
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
I’ll end with a rare moment–Boo showing his “serious” side:
Boo's Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns
Thanks for visiting on the day of my 2nd blogiversary! The next time we meet again, I’ll have a practice flower girl dress to show you!


14 responses to “Practice Suit for Boo

  1. CUTENESS ALERT!!! Happy blogiversary…..can’t wait to see the practice flower girl dress and the finished products together :)!

  2. This so adorable! I love it! I’ve been debating getting that blazer pattern. It’s great!

    • Thanks Louise! The basic blazer is a great pattern! I saw the paper version at Jo-Ann and thought that would be great for the next time I need a Blank Slate pattern!

  3. Brilliant! Happy blog birthday and how cute is your Boo. Even his serious face made me smile. He’ll be very, very well dressed.

  4. Lucinda

    ok – Boo is just about the cutest thing EVER!! Seriously – what an adorable ring bearer he will make, especially in that stylin’ oufit!. Kudos on sewing up a blazer – I am uber impressed. Setting in sleeves, buttonholes, lining . . .a lot of work went into that! And your styling with the other clothing items is awesome:)

  5. He is the cutest! He will be a perfect ring bearer. The blazer is awesome, love the buttons!

  6. Oh my GOODNESS. what a cute kid! this is so impressive- I have always wanted to sew a blazer for one of my kids… we’ll see if we ever get a reason to, or if I do it to fulfill my own creative need!! -E

  7. Oh my word – this is just too adorable! Love it.

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