The hubs’ first DIY project

Bean Bag Toss Board
Last Saturday, the Froo & Boo family went to the movies in the park. We met up with friends, ate from food trucks and sat on picnic blankets. There were oodles of outdoor activities, bean bag toss being a popular one. The hubs looked at the bean bag toss board and said, “I can make that.”

I raised an eyebrow. The hubs uses hockey tape to “fix” things. That is the extent of his aptitude for anything handy. His usual reaction is to find a barcode to scan–trying to find the best online deal.

“Are you sure? There are hinges on the legs!” (Not to mention dovetail joints, a smooth lacquered surface and a perfectly round cut-out hole.)

“Sure, why not?”, he says.

The next day, the hubs went to the Home Depot while Boo and I were napping. When I woke up, the hubs was putting the finishing touches of hockey tape to his bean bag toss board. He asked me to make some bean bags while Froo decorated the board with crayon drawings of Peppa Pig.
Bean Bag Toss Board
Froo & Boo adore Peppa Pig. The hubs thinks it’s because it’s exactly the kids’ lives in a cartoon.
Bean Bag Toss Board
I think the hubs makes an excellent Daddy Pig.
Bean Bag Toss Board
I used leftover charm squares (5″ pre-cut) from my Lotta Jansdotter Echo cushions to make quick bean bags. I filled them up with poly-pellets until they were 2/3 full, giving me enough room to machine stitch the opening shut. It’s still one of my favourite prints.
Bean Bag Toss Board
Ok, so I’ll admit, I laughed when I saw the bean bag toss board. The hubs traced the kids’ butterfly net to get a huge hole, used hockey tape around the edges and the legs do not hinge, but the kids were really excited–they LOVED it! I later found out that the board is called a cornhole. I think you could fit a dozen ears of corn through this one:
Bean Bag Toss Board
It’s actually a good thing that the hole is so big. Boo gets upset when the bean bag misses, so having a large target to hit increases the probability of the bean bag going in. Froo & Boo use both the bean bags and fabric juggling balls to play.

When I asked the kids to take photos, Froo was playing princess dress-up–wearing a tiara and my mom’s upcycled dress as her princess costume. It’s one of her favourite dresses.
Bean Bag Toss Board
Boo didn’t want to be photographed–he was too busy playing with his Lego DUPLO. I managed to get one blurry photo. I wish there was an Auto-Boo-Mode on my camera. By the time I set up my camera to photograph him, he’s gone. I just have to blindly shoot away in a 2-second time frame. Boo is wearing his favourite shorts.
Bean Bag Toss Board
I’d like to think that I inspired the hubs to take on his first DIY project, but I’m not so sure about that. After I started working full-time, the hubs has been working extra hard to create balance within the family. If anything, I’m inspired by his confidence to simply make something. If it were my project, I would have researched different plans and materials, agonized over every detail and it would have taken roughly 6 months to completion.

He decided to make a bean bag toss board on Saturday, then completed it on Sunday afternoon. It’s not perfect, it’s completely laughable, but it’s a handmade project that makes our family happy. What is better than that?
Froo & Boo


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8 responses to “The hubs’ first DIY project

  1. Jessica

    i smiled/chuckled the whole time i read this. glad everything is going well over there! 🙂

  2. That’s great!!! It looks like hours of entertainment await your family!!

    I spied Froo’s dress immediately – so glad it is well worn and loved :). Our niece has claimed a favorite dress from that PR&P season too, and wears it frequently around the house…she calls it her “Snow Princess” dress {black velvet…in the summer…in Alabama – go figure}.

    • That is AWESOME! It’s great when handmade dresses are taken to with such love. With the PR&P garments, I sometimes look at them and think, “I made that??” I’m thankful for the experience and sharing it with the two of you!

  3. June

    야 이쁘다

  4. It’s great! Surely the best thing about being the dad to young children is being able to impress them. It’s our job to try and look really impressed too and not giggle too much and break the spell of dad awesome-ness. I will always now imagine your family “snorking” loudly and falling over laughing all the time. Which is really cute…

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