Navy & Pink Popover Sundress

There is a very good reason for this girl’s closed-mouth smile:
Navy & Pink Popover Dress
A missing tooth!
Navy & Pink Popover Dress
I think it looks awesome. Or rather, the absence of her tooth looks awesome.
Navy & Pink Popover Dress
The little tooth next to the gap is wobbly. At this rate, it will fall out before her new tooth has a chance to grow, widening the gap. I’m not sure why I find this super exciting.
Navy & Pink Popover Dress
Anyhoo, I made Froo a dress! The Oliver + S popover sundress. A free pattern for the best kind of summer dress–one that can quickly slip on and off over a swimsuit. The pink anchor print knit fabric is the same thin jersey knit that I used for Froo’s scoop neck shirt. I love the hungie gungie version of the knit popover and wanted to make a similar dress with added gathers for fullness. I started with a size 6, then added 6 inches to the width and 2 inches to the length of the dress.
Navy & Pink Popover Dress
I opted for packaged bias tape and piping in navy. I added fusible interfacing to the yoke to give it more structure. Otherwise, I sewed up the knit exactly the same way I would sew a woven, since the seams don’t need to be stretched.
Navy & Pink Popover Dress
This is the best full-length photo I got of Froo’s dress. Every time I ask Froo to stand for a photo, she starts to dance, causing all sorts of blurriness and pulled faces. The dancing is pretty funny, as are the faces.
Navy & Pink Popover Dress
This smile. Hee hee. Not a bad way to end my 100th blog post.
Navy & Pink Popover Dress


20 responses to “Navy & Pink Popover Sundress

  1. Everything about this is adorable 🙂

  2. What a sweet child!
    I love the soft snuggly look of this dress.

  3. Tiara

    Love it!

  4. Darci

    Love her smile! So great!

    • I know, right?? The gap makes me smile. I think I will be in shock when the new teeth come in. They always look so huge and out of place!

  5. This looks like it really suits your daughter’s personality!

  6. Oh, what a cutie!! I love when kids start losing teeth… slowly morphing into big kids! Thanks for the shout-out! As a matter of fact, my daughter has worn her knit popover almost every time we’ve gone to the pool this summer! It’s so comfy and so easy to slip on. All hail the popover! -E

    • Thanks Erin! Your popover dresses are the BEST! Now I just have to make one or two in a dreamy voile… and figure out how to make one in my size.

  7. So cute, the knit looks super comfy!

  8. Olga Becker

    Love the color combo. Super cute! She looks adorable.

  9. Lucinda

    It’s such a fun, although slightly bittersweet, experience when your kids start to lose their teeth. A fun phase but also one that means they’re growing up so fast!:)
    Love your version of this dress, both because you made it in knit (super comfy!) and because you used the navy accents. Love that:) good call on the extra width for gathering – looks terrific!

    • Thanks Lucinda! I feel the same way… I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing and wobbly teeth are a physical reminder of how quickly they change!

  10. So lovely! I still haven’t made a popover dress but I hope I remember this is how I’d like it to be!

    • For real?? I have always assumed you had made the entire Oliver + S catalogue of patterns! You should definitely make one when it is summer in Australia!

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