A Summer Skirt for Froo

Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
It’s been awhile since my last post! Life has been changing and moving forward quite rapidly, with hardly a moment to sew. I was finally able to squeeze in a sewing project, so I took it slow with embroidered hand stitching. I know, it makes absolutely no sense. I should be whipping up a quick project or checking off items in my sewing queue for instant gratification. Instead, I was led by a pair of purple sandals.
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
I bought Froo a pair of white Saltwater sandals for the summer. I ordered a size up, since my girl is growing like a weed. They were much too big, so I’m saving them for later, but in the meantime, I ordered another pair in her size. Except she wanted them in purple. Shiny purple.

It’s hard keeping up with Froo’s favourite colours! I searched Froo’s closet–she has one purple polo shirt–the one she wore with her Max & Ruby Halloween costume. I’m all for bright show-stopping shoes, but a bit of coordination would bring balance to Froo’s overall look. Besides, these are the shoes she will likely be wearing all summer long.

Instead of going for matchy-matchy, I settled on taupe polka dot fabric and decided to embroider the hem with purple stitches. To keep the skirt simple, I used the (free!) Lazy Days Skirt pattern by Oliver + S.
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
Using this amazing Sashiko embroidered pouch as inspiration, I proceeded to hand stitch some purple perle cotton to the bottom hem. I had 3 shades of purple, so I used all of them to create an ombre effect.
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
The hem is finished with piping and the inside of the skirt has an additional band of fabric to hide the stitching. The extra weighted hem gives the skirt structure, which I’m hoping will eliminate the need for ironing! I love how it turned out!
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
My thoughts on hand stitching? It’s incredibly slow. In a good way. It feels like time slows down, that the world becomes quieter–creating a peaceful space to think clearly. The task is not difficult, yet still requires focused concentration and care. In those quiet moments, I feel like I’ve just hit the “pause button” on life.
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt
After my last post, I was planning on taking a short break, but it ended up lasting several months! I wasn’t even sure if I would continue to blog–I had my final blog post in draft mode and was planning to publish it. I came to a point where I just thought, “what am I doing this for?” The easy answers always hold true–that I enjoy sewing and blogging, I get a thrill out of chasing new designs out of my head and I love to create. I just needed to define some new goals.

My previous goals centered around learning new sewing skills. Everything was so exciting–invisible zippers, welt pockets, lining! But once I had accomplished a set of skills and my confidence grew, I knew that I had the ability to pick up new sewing skills. While gaining confidence, I felt that I was losing excitement–which was so discouraging and surprising at the same time.

While my sewing machine was collecting dust, I donated outgrown kids clothes/toys/stuff, put up a gallery wall, transferred Froo & Boo into bunk beds, transformed Froo’s room into a playroom/guest room, built some IKEA furniture, hosted house guests (twice), looked for a job and found a job! I am excited about working at a start-up in the Silicon Valley. The hubs and I LOVE the HBO show, but rest assured, I am nothing like the Canadian guy, Gilfoyle!

My new goal? Instead of collecting sewing skills, I just want to live a creative life. How’s that for a completely vague and unmeasurable goal? I recently read the book “Show Your Work“, by Austin Kleon. I think it’s just the book I needed to read. Keep on creating, keep on sharing. Now, more than ever, I won’t have much time to create, but when I do, I have this space to share my work. I will post when I can.

So I’ve thrown out my old sewing queue. With limited time, I want my sewing projects to count. While redoing the kids’ room, I bought a pair of fabric bins. The horror! I could have made them myself, for cheaper, with just the right fabric… but it felt GOOD. I’ve come full circle–one of my earliest memorable sewing projects were fabric bins for Boo’s nursery. That felt AMAZING! But who knows, maybe projects will still be driven out of necessity, as in this case, to coordinate with purple sandals!
Embroidered Hem Summer Skirt


8 responses to “A Summer Skirt for Froo

  1. Ellen

    Really lovely! You are so creative and industrious. Adorable daughter and great collection of art too!

  2. WELCOME BACK!!!! **Did you hear us scream that from Alabama?!?!?!? We’ve missed you so much…..your style is so amazing, it would be a shame not to share it. Your new goal is perfect: Live that creative life!! We’ll definitely be along for the ride….

    • You guys are too sweet!!! Thank you for your encouragement–it means a lot! Your work inspires me to do more handstitching, I can only imagine the time and effort you put into your smocking! I love the way the clothes you make become treasured pieces to be held onto for future generations… or future cousins!

  3. Whoa, this skirt is divine. The base fabric is so beautiful, the yellow piping genius and the purple is so perfectly subtle and beautifully executed. If you only make one thing every few months then know that we’ll all be delighted to see it. Keep sharing.
    Your gallery wall looks gorgeous. Congrats on the job.

    • Oh thank you!!! Sometimes I wonder if a skirt is just a skirt and then I find people who get the subtle details that makes the effort worthwhile. Seeing photos of your kids happy faces, wearing the clothing you make them, totally inspires me to keep sewing!

  4. Lucinda

    So glad to see you’re “back”! I have missed visiting your blog and seeing your little cuties:) As a fellow Canadian, and having a Korean daughter, and loving to sew as well, I felt a cyber connection:) I totally get the need to take a sewing break every once in awhile. I do the same, and it always feels so good when I get back into it – refreshed and excited to create again. You’ve been productive and creative in different ways these past few months, and that must feel great too! Congrats on the job, and congrats on making a stunning skirt that looks just perfect with the purple sandals! Love the addition of piping and hand stitching – just the right touches to elevate this skirt to something amazing!

    • Thank you Lucinda!! I too, feel the cyber connection that we share! Your daughter is so cute in her handmades and you have a beautiful family! I always appreciate the time and care you take in providing positive feedback that I find so uplifting. You truly have the gift of encouragement!

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