Tiny Hearts Geranium

Tiny Geranium Dress
I went to a baby shower today! It was an informal gathering where Froo & Boo tagged along for some fun. When it comes to giving baby shower gifts, I am hopeless. I gravitate towards ridiculously cute and impractical party/formal wear, usually purchased last-minute. I mean, someone else will buy the diapers and butt paste, right? Now that I have 2 little ones, I’m getting better (I hope!).

Momma bear is expecting her 3rd baby, so I wanted to give the baby girl-to-be a handmade gift that is both cute and practical. I chose the Made-by-Rae Geranium dress pattern in size 3-6 months. See, I’m learning–I would have made the newborn size, but it’s more practical to leave room to grow! I used white quilting cotton with colourful tiny hearts, from Timeless Treasures, previously used in my Suzy Ultman dolls. The fabric seems thicker than average quilting cotton, which gives the pleats a nice crispness.
Tiny Geranium Dress
The buttons on the back are pale pink, with a frosted heart in the centre of each button.
Tiny Geranium Dress
This is my first time trying out the flutter sleeves. I’ve never tried them before because I was apprehensive about leaving an exposed zigzag finish on the edges. So I played around with some of the decorative stitches on my machine until I found one that I liked. I used a zigzag scallop stitch on the edges of the flutter sleeve and placed strips of Swedish tracing paper underneath to stabilize the stitching. I used Mettler silk-finish 100% mercerized cotton thread, which has a bright sheen, adding a richness to the colour.

I LOVE how they turned out!
Tiny Geranium Dress
I made a tiny mistake. Not really worth mentioning, except you might have already caught it in the previous photo–I cut the back pieces of the lining with the hearts upside down. Oops.
Tiny Geranium Dress
I can’t believe I actually planned a handmade baby shower gift in advance! It seems like an obvious thing: I sew, therefore, I should sew baby gifts. However, I also blog, therefore, I spend waaaay too much time thinking about my sewing projects. It’s not easy to throw a baby gift into the sewing queue, while bumping projects down the list! But this adorable baby dress was well worth the queue jumping. Such a happy little dress!


10 responses to “Tiny Hearts Geranium

  1. Incredibly cute. A lovely gift

  2. Agnes

    The flutter sleeves are so pretty! I love your alternative.

  3. Beautifully sweet…..and extremely practical. Looks like an easy diaper changing outfit to me!!

  4. Tiara

    This is the most adorable dress! Makes me want to have a baby just looking at it

    • Haha! That’s so funny, Tiara! I think I’m the opposite. Baby clothes are cuter to me now that I’m done with the baby stages. I will just enjoy everyone else’s newborns!

  5. RAE

    ooh I love the scallop stitch on the sleeve — that looks fantastic!! 🙂

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