Thank you, Project Run & Play!

Thank you, Project Run & Play!
Thank you so much for all of your votes and kind words over the past 3 weeks! I am seriously touched by your positive feedback. I used to think that people who choose to compete must have thick skin, but I now realize that it’s quite the opposite. I felt completely vulnerable. To dream up designs and commit so much of my time, energy and resources to the creation of them, only to have them potentially criticized and rejected–egads, this experience has been an anxiety-ridden ride! That I would do all over again. In a heartbeat.

To have Elizabeth & Liz pick me from the fabulous group of home sew-alongers was such an honour! They have built an amazing community of people who not only MAKE handmade clothing for their kids, but DESIGN them, as well. To think of myself as a designer is immensely gratifying and rewarding. This opportunity pushed me to design kids clothing that I am soooooo happy with (dare I say, proud of?). I feel that I put my best work together–garments that truly reflect my style and personality. I am thankful for this opportunity to design clothing and learn new techniques that enabled those designs to become wearable garments for my kids!

But at the end of the day, Project Run & Play is a competition and I will not be moving on to the next round. One of the surprising things that came about from the competition is a deep respect and admiration for the other designers. I had grand plans for each theme, but then I would see work done by the competition and feel inspired to push myself even more. For example, these amazing grey pants by Louise of I’m Feeling Crafty made me realize that the pants I made for Boo for The Brothers Bloom week, could be so cool. The leather jacket (made from a sofa!) by Jenn of A Jennuine Life is simply incredible! The hand stitching done by Ashley and Emily of Frances Suzanne is a meaningful way to stitch love into a garment and instantly gives it an added dimension of intricate detailing. The lace dress, by Karly of Paisley Roots is so darling. Finally, this jacket (holy smokes, how did Jacq of Begin with B even conceive of the idea to create this??) is so inspiring! I know that I will be sewing more for my Boo, seeing how Jacq makes little boys clothing look so modern and original.

Next week, I will be posting my “signature style” designs. Without any boundaries of themes to follow, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I’m still working on it (at a leisurely pace, ha!), so be sure to come back, I would love to share my designs with you!

Thanks again for visiting! It is with joy (and oodles of excitement) that I share my creations on my blog. It’s nice to have an audience to read through my design process, silly stories and random thoughts that I have. I couldn’t be happier with my Project Run & Play experience!


18 responses to “Thank you, Project Run & Play!

  1. Oh no! Like i wrote to Your last post, You were my favorite. I think Your designs were the most original and fresh. But I´ll be looking forward to see Your Signature style and will follow Your blog in the future. Thank You for the great ideas and inspiration!

  2. You are such an amazing and inspiring person Irene!! I am so grateful to have been on this season with you and hate that any of us has had to go home! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

    • Thank you Karly! It’s been awesome getting to know you (and your style!) during this competition! Your sewing is impeccable and I’m sure you are going to deliver some stunning pieces in the finale!

  3. Your outfits were so inspiring! I loved seeing your designs each week and I really loved your refashion design. I want to refashion something now (something I’ve never done but want to try). I will be following your blog for sure and I can’t wait to see your signature style next week!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I had only refashioned a couple of things before last week, but now I feel the itch to refashion everything! Nothing is safe in our closets anymore…

  4. I loved your outfit this week especially the jacket. I think the group of designers has really stepped it up this season and its been so fun to watch.

  5. Thank YOU, Irene! I loved every creations you made for Project Run and Play! Please don’t stop inspiring us. I am your true follower for sure.

  6. You’ve been awesome! Everyone you made was beautiful!

    • Thanks Louise! I think I am going to start a quilt after this. I need something a bit more structured to do before my brain explodes. I will be looking to your blog for quilty inspiration!

  7. Your entries were simply amazing. I was sad to see you go! Can’t wait to see more creations from you.

    • Thank you Olga! It will be strange to blog after this… I’ve been putting together a collection for each post, it’ll be almost silly to dedicate an entire post to one shirt. But my life needs balance, so I will continue to sew on and on.

  8. I loved reading about all of your makes. The time and effort put in to each garment was obvious. I feel vunerable just sewing along for the first time, so i completely understand! Keep sewing, you are awesome!

  9. Loved sewing with you!!
    Your children are adorable and honored to think I encouraged you to sew more for boo.
    Excited to keep following you.

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