LBD with Polka Dots!

I started the oliver + s school photo dress a year ago, originally planned to be worn in Vancouver last Christmas, where it is much colder. Those plans fizzled and I finally placed it back in the sewing queue, just in time for American Thanksgiving!
oliver + s school photo dress
I’m not sure why I didn’t finish this little black dress–it’s the perfect special occasion dress without the ruffles & frills. Instead, it’s graced with classic lines, a beautiful collar, cuffed sleeves and a hidden kangaroo pocket. I regret not finishing this dress sooner–I cut the pattern in size 5 so there’s not much room to grow! Luckily, the dress fits perfectly.
oliver + s school photo dress
The fabric is a black polka dot cotton flannel, purchased here, previously used to accent the fox backpack. It has a soft thickness to it that makes the fabric warm and gives it a wool-like structure, without the scratchiness. The lining is Kona cotton in black.

The instructions for the invisible zipper were by far, the best I’ve ever seen. The zipper is perfect–truly invisible! This is my first oliver + s dress–the pattern is well-written and the illustrations are as always, super clear and helpful. I didn’t make a single modification, nor did I need to.

Froo’s first pose:
oliver + s school photo dress
Uh, right after that shot, Froo insisted on only silly poses. I uploaded the photos and showed them to Froo, which made her laugh hysterically. I asked her to take some serious ones, but then my camera battery died. Oh well, she refused serious, so we only have silly:
oliver + s school photo dress
oliver + s school photo dress
oliver + s school photo dress
oliver + s school photo dress
Not much luck with the close-up shots either:
oliver + s school photo dress
oliver + s school photo dress
oliver + s school photo dress
Finally, one happy pose. I think she’s just pleased with herself for shaking all her sillies out.
oliver + s school photo dress
I promise, this little black dress with polka dots is really pretty in person! It’ll keep my little girl warm and stylish during the winter months. A little grown-up(ish), yet fun at the same time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


20 responses to “LBD with Polka Dots!

  1. Oh I LOVE this dress. It’s one of my favourite dress patterns and I agree that it is THE go to reference for how to do an invisible zipper. Your fabrics are lovely and Froo is hilarious. that’s exactly how my kids pose too.

    • Thank you Shelley! It means a lot coming from you–your O+S dresses are amazing! Seriously, the reason why I started sewing with O+S patterns. I’m waiting for one I ordered online from the Black Friday sale!

  2. What a beautiful dress! I love Froo’s funny poses. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love the dress, simple always looks nice, but most of all, love her attitude…too cool !!! 🙂

    • Thanks! I knew I had to choose basic fabric for this dress, b/c the pattern is all about the lines and shape. Besides, my daughter loves polka dots!

  4. Lovely! I am just finishing my first school photo dress in small polka dots as yours but with different colors. I will post the fotos in the flickr group next week. I just adore the lines of this dress and all the details. Your daughter looks very pretty in it

  5. Beautiful dress! I really want to make one but can’t decide which size pattern to buy as I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old…decisions…decisions

    • Buy it in the next size up and wait for your littlest girl to grow and be able to wear hand-me-downs? I feel the same way about my poor son who doesn’t get much sewing from me b/c he’s a growing (and large) 2 1/2 year old, so he will grow out of the smaller sizes soon!

  6. This is so beautiful! Love it. My daughter is exactly same being silly at photoshoots…

  7. Lucinda

    not sure which I love more: Froo’s awesomely fun poses, or your beautiful dress! It’s a win either way, as Miss Froo looks gorgeous in it! Well done:)

    • Thanks Lucinda! She is a funny girl–I never know what to expect with our short photo shoots. Usually 5 minutes and 100+ photos afterwards, I end up using only the first couple of photos!

  8. Mae

    A very cute dress. She looks like a little teen in it! I always get a kick out of the silly faces/poses my girl does when photographing a new garment. They will be the best to look at when she’s all grown up. ❤

  9. Fun contemporary dress & what a great-photographic girl!

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