A Max & Ruby Halloween

Froo has been asking to be a bunny for Halloween since the beginning of the month. I told her I would make her a costume upon our return, which left me only 3 days to make 2 costumes! This is the picture she drew for me as a reference:
Halloween Costume Designed by Froo
The drawing looked so familiar, I had to go back into my photo archives on my computer. Somewhere deep in Froo’s memory, she must have remembered the kitty cat costume she wore when she was a little over a year old:
Froo's Kitty Cat Costume
Froo and her bestest buds (daughter of my bestest buds) are holding mini Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, a Canadian treat not available in the US. We bought a tonne before returning home! Yum.

The hubs suggested that Froo & Boo dress up as Max & Ruby for Halloween–which I thought was a brilliant plan. We couldn’t have made the 30+ hours of driving without the help of Max & Ruby. Seriously. We have about 7 DVDs that were played constantly throughout our trip–it’s one of the only shows that both Froo & Boo can agree on and the older sister/younger brother relationship is so familiar–even Froo & Boo recognize the parallelism.

Here’s a picture of Max & Ruby, for those of you unfamiliar with the cute bunnies. I’m much more familiar with their voices since the DVD player is in the back of our minivan–I can probably recite some episodes from memory.
Max & Ruby
Here are my little “Max & Ruby” bunnies:
Froo & Boo as Max & Ruby
The cuteness was killing me when I put the eyeliner nose and whiskers on Froo & Boo.
Froo & Boo as Max & Ruby
I made a couple of puffy bunny tails:
Froo & Boo as Max & Ruby
One of my favourite lines from the show is when Ruby is learning the Hippity Hop dance–“wiggle your bunny tail!”
Froo & Boo as Max & Ruby
The hats (cozy winter hood) were made from the book “little things to sew” by Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S. I can’t get enough of the projects from this book! I used a soft velour and the same Liberty prints for the ears that I used for Fringle & Stu. The ears are super floppy–they only stand up with a bit of help:
Froo & Boo as Max & Ruby
The inside lining of the hats are leftover remnants from past projects: Boo’s, from his KCW summer outfit and Froo’s, from her explorer vest.
Little Things to Sew - Cozy Winter Hood
I finished making the costumes at 2:30 am this morning, finishing the hem on the overalls after breakfast. Normally, I would describe my sewing process in detail, but I need to save my energy for trick-or-treating and neighbourhood festivities. I’ll leave you with a list instead.

Ruby’s Costume Sewing Details:

Pattern: Classic Jumper from peek-a-boo pattern shop | Purple polo shirt from Froo’s closet
Fabric: Kona Cotton (purchased at Jo-Ann, I forget the colour)
Paint: Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Olive and Golden Tan
Modifications: Lengthened hem and hidden buttons for the straps

Max’s Costume Sewing Details:

Pattern: Jack & Jill Shortalls from peek-a-boo pattern shop | Summer Shirt for Boys from the Lily Bird Studio
Fabric: Chambray (leftover from my Datura blouse) | Striped Christmas Fabric from Jo-Ann
Modifications: Lengthend leg hem and added front pocket | Omitted collar and replaced it with bias tape

My kids don’t have a spooky bone in their bodies… yet. The neighbourhood Skeletor is haunting the roundabout again, Froo & Boo insist on closing the blinds in the kitchen! Froo was getting antsy, impatiently waiting for trick-or-treating to start, so I asked her to create some decorations for our front door. Cute little cats.
Froo's Halloween Decorations
Happy Halloween! Stay sweet and safe.
Froo & Boo as Max & Ruby


9 responses to “A Max & Ruby Halloween

  1. Jessica

    Wow Froo looks like a big girl now!

  2. Ellen

    Just so sweet! Always look forward to your post to see what you have created! Adorable children!

  3. These are just gorgeous. Love that photo with their bunny ears held up!
    If you like the Little Things To Sew book have you seen my sew-along (of sorts)?
    link: http://bartacksandsingletrack.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/little-things-to-sew-cover-to-cover.html

  4. Hi Irene, welcome back! It looked sunny on H day in your city. We had cloudy and rained day here in Toronto…but my kids went ahead for trick-or treating that evening. I also done costumes in last minutes, one day before H day :). You made adorable costumes, love your ‘Max and Ruby’!

    • Thanks Yeka! We had a wonderful trip back home. It was a beautiful day on Halloween and the sun continues to shine. Definitely love the weather here in the bay area! Off to visit your blog to see your creations (which are always so lovely)!

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