Fringle & Stu go on a road trip

Fringle & Stu
Uh hello, October?! When did you creep into our lives? All of a sudden, Froo is on holidays from Kindergarten and we are about to embark on a road trip. An EPIC road trip. All the way back home–a mere 1,550 kms or 960 miles–to Vancouver, Canada. Yikes.

The thought of all the driving, more driving, kids in the car, gas station restrooms, fast food meals and numb bum is so overwhelming, I end up thinking of other things. Happy, frivolous things–like the necessary travel arrangements for Fringle & Stu.

Since Froo’s birthday, Froo & Boo had been fighting incessantly over Stu. The fights often ended in high-speed chases, tug-of-wars and tears. The hubs pleaded with me to make another one, so a week later, another bunny was made. Meet their newest mate, Stewie.
Fringle & Stu
Fringle & Stu
I had plans for elaborate outfits, but life is full of busy happenings, so I managed to make just a couple of necessities for our trip. October is a month of celebrations: Canadian Thanksgiving and 3 special birthdays–Halmoni and both Froo & Boo’s cousins have October birthdays! Fringle & Stu have fancy new bows to dress up for all of the upcoming festivities. Liberty of London tana lawn was used to make luxurious and gorgeous printed bows. Fringle also has a shiny ruby red necklace with a strawberry charm.
Fringle & Stu
Fringle & Stu Fringle & Stu Fringle & Stu
Froo & I made a tiny tea set, cupcakes and donuts for Fringle & Stu out of Crayola Air-Dry clay. After leaving the pieces to dry for a couple of days, we painted them with Crayola washable paint and glitter glue. The pieces were finished with a layer of mod podge to protect the paint and to give them a bit of shine.
Fringle & Stu
Fringle & Stu Fringle & Stu
Froo & Boo’s tin lunch boxes serve as makeshift suitcases for Fringle & Stu. The bunny luggage tags were souvenirs from Mama & Yeye’s last trip to China. (Which explains why they sort of look like Miffy, but not quite.)
Fringle & Stu
Inside each suitcase, there is a mini bamboo steamer full of veggies. Stu loves a classic meal of fresh carrots, while Fringle’s current love is leafy green kale–after reading an article on trending superfoods.
Fringle & Stu Fringle & Stu
For their travel gear, I made reversible sleeping bags. The sleeping bags have built-in pillows, button closures and bias tape ties. They are lightly stuffed to keep the bunnies snug and warm.
Fringle & Stu
Fringle & Stu
Fringle & Stu are all set to travel to Vancouver! Stewie is a bit of a wild hare and prefers to be left as is–it’s even a struggle to get him to wear his bow tie. He forages his own dandelions to eat and sleeps wherever he pleases.
Fringle & Stu
I really should have made raincoats for Fringle & Stu. We’ll drive right into rainy season, which should last until next June. For Froo & Boo, I bought them each a pair of rain boots at Costco and reckon they should be ready to travel to Vancouver. See you when we get back!
Fringle & Stu


19 responses to “Fringle & Stu go on a road trip

  1. Jessica

    So cute! I remember fighting over MY stuffed monkey with my cousins when I was little. Poor monkey had it’s tail and arms ripped off and grandma had to sew it back on each time. I still have it though!

  2. kara

    I’m not sure I can wait for the road trip to be over for this pattern! I just love them! You’ve done such a great job!

    • Hi Kara! Thanks for the lovely compliment on the bunnies! I don’t have any plans to sell a pattern. Sorry about that! I plan to sell some finished bunnies in my Etsy shop soon.

  3. Yay! You’re coming home, let me know if you have time for coffee…I will drive to meet you and the bunnies…safe trip.

  4. They are the cutest bunnies!

  5. Oh you are hilarious! The tea party pictures had me laughing out loud. Brilliant sewing and I love the different personalities the little bunnies have developed.
    happy travels

  6. How cute! Love the bunnies!

  7. Hi Irene, love the bunnies and mini tova you made! they are lovely. Happy travel to you and family.
    Your daughter looks much taller in this photo, does she grow up so fast 🙂

  8. Lucinda

    the cuteness is killing me! jealous of little bunnies that get to wear Liberty:)
    Have a wonderful trip back to Vancouver! And may the car trip go much better than you’d ever dream:)

    • Thanks Lucinda! The car trip was surprisingly pretty good! We did an overnighter on the way there and stayed in Portland on the way back–got to do some tax-free outlet shopping!

  9. Tae

    You’ve got some serious skills!!! Super impressive!!

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