Happy 5th Birthday, My Froo!

Froo & Boo Birthday
Froo's 5th Birthday
Froo's 5th Birthday
Froo's 5th Birthday
Froo's 5th Birthday
Froo's 5th Birthday
Froo's 5th Birthday
Froo's 5th Birthday
My daughter turns 5 today! The bunnies were my handmade gift to Froo. They were a big surprise, even though I had prototype bunnies and spare bunny limbs all over my desk. The bunnies were sitting on Froo’s kitchen chair, waiting for her to wake up this morning. Froo loves her new bunnies! She’s already named them “Fringle & Stu”. I don’t know where she comes up with these things. Fringle & Stu will be outfiitted with new handmade wardrobes, so please excuse their current state of nakedness! You will see more of them soon, but for now, we are going to celebrate!

We had bunny Rice Krispies treats on a stick to share with Froo’s Kindergarten friends. Initially, I wrapped a shoebox and used an x-acto knife to slit a small “X” for the sticks to poke through. Some of the bunnies started to fall off, so I transferred the bunnies to a big tray instead. Oh well. I made one Rice Krispies treat with a cupcake cookie cutter for Froo’s breakfast.

This morning, Froo woke up to me poking her tummy. The kids were exhausted–we took a spontaneous trip to the Exploratorium the day before, where we got the giant spirograph-ish drawing. We surprised Froo with the bunnies, a scooter, a handmade card from the hubs and the oh so healthy birthday breakfast. I asked Froo what she liked the most–this is what she said, “I love you the best.” Today is full of warm fuzzies! The birthday festivities are ongoing–dinner, cake, FaceTime dates and more hugs & kisses to share. I may have to sit in a refrigerator at the end of the day to prevent my heart from melting. XOXO.


17 responses to “Happy 5th Birthday, My Froo!

  1. 5! Where has the time gone? Happy birthday Missy “Froo”

  2. Carol Wallace

    Happy Birthday FROO! Can’t wait to see you. xoxo

  3. kara

    Please tell me we will be seeing the bunnies again soon! Preferably with the ability to buy in pattern form!

    • Right now, I’m just doing some R&D, the kids are doing some stress tests and I want to design a couple of cute outfits for them. We’ll see how that goes!

  4. Oh those bunnies are brilliant! Well done, sounds like a wonderful birthday.

  5. Lucinda

    Happy 5th birthday Froo – that’s a pretty special birthday milestone! Those bunnies are to-die-for cute!! Love the awesome floppy ears:) Looking forward to seeing what little outfits make their way into their wardrobes:)

  6. Sweet bunnies for a beautiful 5 year old! What a lovely day!

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  9. Alicia

    these bunnies are super adorable! WHat type of fabric did you use to sew them up?

    • Thanks Alicia! The fabric is cotton velour. I’ve tried polyester velour, but it’s more difficult to sew (it feels slippery). Use a walking foot to keep the layers together b/c it does stretch a bit while sewing. Hope that helps!

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