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I made some balls. Balls for Froo, balls for Boo. Fabric juggling balls from the Oliver + S book, “little things to sew“. They were a request from Froo. She said she wanted “stuffing balls” and tried to make one by clumping stuffing together, as one would make a snowball by gathering snow. I told her we could make fabric balls to put the stuffing into instead.

Froo picked some fabric scraps to make her own patterns:
little things to sew: juggling balls
little things to sew: juggling balls
Froo also picked some fabric for Boo since he was napping. Boo says his favourite colour is blue, but we both know that his “real” favourite colour is orange.
little things to sew: juggling balls
little things to sew: juggling balls
These balls were quick to make and they take up very little fabric. As much as I love fabric, I actually have a tiny fabric stash. I could fit all of my fabric in 3 large tote bins divided equally into 3 categories: quilting, apparel and knit fabric. My fabric scraps fit in 2 shoebox-sized tote bins: one for quilting fabric, the other for everything else. I save even the tiniest scraps! The other scraps get used up in small projects, like a door draft pillow.

Now that Froo is in Kindergarten in the morning, we have the afternoons together while Boo naps. Froo was content to sort through the scraps, then fold and stack them back in the box. She helped me stuff all of the balls as well. Inside each ball, I added a tiny beanbag filled with poly-pellets to give them a weighted feel. It makes them roll funny, which is all part of the fun.
little things to sew: juggling balls
It makes me happy to make toys for Froo & Boo from remnants of previous handmade goodies, especially since Froo & Boo love their new juggling balls! For real. They both sleep with at least one ball each. They play with them in the car. They make up games with the balls, marking off areas on the carpet with washi tape as targets. I have no idea where Froo gets her ideas–I simply observe with wonder at how small and simple toys can stimulate such imaginative play.

Can you tell that I love rearranging the little decorations on the fireplace mantle? The hubs and I used to collect wooden dolls on our travels. We bought the Team Canada (1998 Nagano Olympics) nesting dolls in Prague. The wooden girls are from Japan. Tintin (not wooden) is from Paris. The San Francisco print on wood was purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair last year.
little things to sew: juggling balls
Sometimes the little things give the big things their significance. Boo found the smallest scrap with construction trucks and held onto it tightly, asking me to use it in a ball. That fabric was used to make his drooly bibs ages ago! I didn’t blog that one because it went missing and I later found it with a bunch of others in a suitcase. This small scrap brought me back to a time when Boo was a newborn–all the angst, love and care focussed on keeping this precious new baby alive. I still worry about keeping Boo alive–not from my negligence, but his own boyish and crazed adventure-seeking carefree nature.

Here’s a round-up of some of the projects from which the smallest of scraps originated:

To view details on any of these projects, click on the Photo Index link above.

To view details on any of these projects, click on the Photo Index link above.

As for the book “little things to sew”, the more I sew from it, the more genius I think it is. It is the perfect combination of useful, cute and child-appropriate fun–with the addition of excellent instruction for basic to advanced sewing techniques. I’ve learned oodles from this book, giving me the confidence to try more challenging sewing projects.

This morning, I put the explorer vests on Froo & Boo to see if they still fit. They have been well-worn, keeping the kids warm in the mornings, although they haven’t been worn this summer–I think we’ve finally acclimated to the weather here. Froo & Boo have really grown in a year:
little things to sew: explorer vests
There are oodles of happy little things going on right now. I made some balls. I’m pretty happy with that.


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  1. Beautiful post! I’d be happy with those little balls too! they look so round. I know balls are meant to be round but ordinary handmade ones aren’t. Yours look great.
    I haven’t made these balls yet (only the bag they go with) but they’re on the list as I plan to finish the book off altogether!

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