Froo’s 1st (Mon)day of Kindergarten

After Kids Clothes Week wrapped up, I started making an outfit for Froo’s first day of Kindergarten. That already happened last Wednesday. Oops. So this outfit is for Froo’s first Monday of Kindergarten. School in August? Strange, but true at a year-round school.
Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
An outfit that is a little serious and grown-up, yet maintains a girlie flair with some pleats and pintucks: my first ever Oliver + S pattern–none other than the music class blouse and skirt. I ordered the pattern last year, after seeing this photo on flickr. I knew I wanted to make a similar shirt for Froo, also in flannel, to be worn as a lightweight jacket.
Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area last May, I’ve come to expect variable weather patterns on the peninsula. Overcast, windy and cold one moment, hot and sunny the next, then back to cold. I check my weather app obsessively. Everyone just says the same thing: “layers”. The music class blouse is the perfect layering piece.
Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
The selvedge on the flannel reads: “Faye Burgos for MARCUS Fabrics”. It’s incredibly soft and feels more substantial than most flannels. I used a variegated pink cotton thread from Sulky to sew 2 rows of topstitching to give the blouse the look of outerwear and to secure the seams on the inside. The pretty ivory enamel and gold-detailed buttons are from Discount Fabrics in San Francisco.Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
The music class blouse pattern is detailed, slightly complex, yet easy to follow with clear instructions. However, I still managed to mess up the collar–I’m not sure what happened, but at 2 am, I should have called it quits much earlier and started fresh the next day. It’s only noticeable upon careful inspection, so I decided to leave it as is. The pintucks on the front and back are tiny details that add volumes of style. Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + SkirtOliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
The skirt is seriously cute. I made it in chambray, giving it a very French look, especially with the pleats. The skirt was an afterthought, really. I wasn’t going to make it, but I figured I should, since I was already tracing all of my pattern pieces for the blouse. I’m so happy I did–the fabric is just perfect for this skirt! If you look closely, you’ll notice that one side of pleats is directionally challenged. Oops.Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
I love Froo’s TOMS–sparkly black mary janes. I wish they came in my size.Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + SkirtOliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
I attached tiny golden heart buttons to the patch pockets I added to the front of the blouse (pattern piece from the geranium dress), sleeve cuffs and skirt pockets. I wanted the heart theme to run throughout this outfit. Originally, the Secret Heart Summer Tunic top was part of the outfit, but it was too much fun and had to be worn on its own!

Not that this outfit isn’t fun, it just represents the huge leap Froo is taking from being a large toddler to becoming an independent child. I think Froo senses it too–she is always asking if she can continue to do something, ie. use crayons or play with her bunny or be my best friend, when she turns 5 years old. I have to keep reminding myself that Froo is still 4 years old, despite making both blouse and skirt in size 6!
Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt
Froo is adjusting well to Kindergarten. Even through my endless worries, I knew she would. I’m the one who is an emotional wreck. I can’t help it when I think of how much she’s grown. Remembering the day she was born–what an amazing gift. Reflecting upon the parenting choices the hubs and I have made, including the difficult decision to move from Canada to California. Trying to get over the mommy guilt that I have for expecting so much from my baby girl. Being surprised by how she’s exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. Witnessing the tender moments when Froo patiently teaches Boo, while he looks up to his big sister.

My Froo continues to teach me to be present in each moment and to share the secret that we are so so sooo lucky to love each other. Shhh, that is our little secret!
Oliver + S Music Class Blouse + Skirt


17 responses to “Froo’s 1st (Mon)day of Kindergarten

  1. OMG! This is just too adorable! I adore this pattern and the gold heart buttons are just too much! Definitely makes me want to sew for little girls of my own (except I don’t have any yet) – enjoy your little cutie!!! 🙂

  2. Simone P.

    What a divine ensemble on a beautiful little girl, love those buttons, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. You make the most incredible things–super stylish and so well-made! And what a beautiful, sweet girl!

    I have to say, I’m on the Peninsula, too, but in Mountain View, I never check the weather: 75 and sunny, every day! I was unpleasantly surprised (not sure why I didn’t anticipate it, after 8 years in the Bay Area) when I went to SF today and it was raining!

    • Thanks Nicole! We are practically neighbours–I’m in San Mateo, but the weather is not the same here! We stayed in Mountain View the first month that we arrived and enjoyed the best sunshine and “real” summer weather. (p.s. I love all of your SOSM creations! Good luck!)

  4. This looks impeccable. I love the fabrics you chose, those buttons are perfect, and Froo is just adorable!

  5. Carol Wallace

    I can’t believe she started Kindergarten. Wasn’t she just born the other day? She will be the most stylish girl for miles around. xoxo

  6. What beautiful sewing! thanks for the shout out with the Flickr link, very kind of you. I saw some flannel similar to yours recently and was tempted to make another blouse. I would never have thought of the pockets and gold buttons, but it absolutely works! Such a smart little outfit!

  7. What a beautiful outfit for her first day of kindergarten! It’s a big transition, for both her and her mama! My son just had his first day of kindergarten, but he is 6, so I’m not sure what the difference is. Either way, it’s a lovely outfit, so sweet yet big girl looking 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona! I hope your son loves kindergarten! My daughter just made it into kindergarten this year–she is 10 days “older” than the October 1st cut-off in our school district.

  8. What a lovely outfit!! My daughter has just started school but has to wear a ‘uniform’…nothing 100% specific, but it has to be a grey skirt, trousers or dress with a white shirt. I have plans to make the Oliver+ S Jumper dress, but now that I have seen your work I think I want to make her that skirt too. Here’s hoping I’ve got enough material!

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