Secret Heart Summer Tunic

Secret Heart Summer Tunic
I made Froo a shirt. It was supposed to be part of her first day of school outfit, but it works much better on its own, paired with leggings. It’s a bit long for a shirt, so I decided to call it a tunic instead.

I started with this tutorial to make a ruffled sleeve top. Froo picked fabric from my tiny stash, used previously in my Suzy Ultman dolls. But then I wanted to make double-layered ruffles, inspired by this beautiful dress. The ruffles on Froo’s tunic are more like wings! Each layer of ruffles is doubled-up, creating 4 layers of fabric–way too stiff for flounce & flutter. They were also wide-set, falling off her shoulders, so I unstitched the ruffles on the back and sewed them closer to the centre.
Secret Heart Summer Tunic
I added a tiny heart pocket with a secret heart inside, tethered to a piece of ribbon. I wanted Froo to know that wherever she might be, I am always in her heart. Super cheeseballs, I know, but up until now, Froo’s world has been pretty sheltered. I have no control over what will happen at school, but as long as Froo has self-worth, knowing that she is unconditionally loved, I know that she will have the courage to be herself. Meanwhile, I will pray for her protection each and every day!
Secret Heart Summer Tunic
Secret Heart Summer Tunic
I can’t believe that today is Froo’s official last day of summer holidays–she starts kindergarten tomorrow! So we took it easy with a morning bike-ride to the playground.
Secret Heart Summer TunicSecret Heart Summer TunicSecret Heart Summer TunicSecret Heart Summer TunicSecret Heart Summer TunicSecret Heart Summer Tunic
Froo & Boo pick those tiny flowers every time we go to the playground. They are brought home, then spend some time in a toy cup filled with water, replaced when they start to wilt. I hope Froo never gets too “old” or “cool” to pick flowers with her little brother. It’s the joy of sharing the simple things in life with Froo & Boo that has really changed my life. These small, passing moments collected, then replaced with new moments–I cherish them more than anything else.

Finally, one last photo of Froo–about to take-off on her adventure. In keeping with the metaphor, I love that she still relies on her training wheels and hasn’t reached full independence to venture alone. Always my little girl. Froo.
Secret Heart Summer Tunic

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8 responses to “Secret Heart Summer Tunic

  1. What a sweet little tunic! Kindergarten already! I think it’s a beautiful analogy, with the heart pocket. Sometimes it’s nice to know, in the midst of big changes, that she has a mama waiting for her, who loves her so much! I hope her first day goes well. Hugs, Fi xoxo

  2. Absolutely adorable! What sweet sentiments you have shared. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. I adore Suzy Ultman prints too, recently I made a dress during KCW Summer. Your geranium looks great, love it! I also like your idea to attach a “secret heart” to the clothe, you inspired me to do the same thing next time I make dress for JC, thank you Irene!

    • Thanks Yeka! If you do make a heart pocket, choose plain ribbon–the sparkly white hearts disappeared after a trip through the washing machine!

  4. This is so adorable on Froo! The secret heart is a great idea…. One I may have to try when my own girl goes off to kindergarten in 3 weeks. ::sniff:: -erin

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