KCW: Summer outfit for Boo

I’m excited about the KCW (Kids Clothes Week) new website! It’s loaded with new features, including a database of patterns and projects by participants—such a cool concept! I’m looking forward to seeing the website grow and change, but mostly, to use as a source of inspiration for handmade kids clothing.

My first outfit for KCW Summer 2013 is an outfit for Boo. He is in need of a new pair of shorts. I have been taking Froo & Boo to the outdoor pool for swimming lessons, which is really nice in this weather. However, it’s not-so-nice trying to wrangle myself and 2 slippery kids into our clothes afterwards. I made Boo a pair of shorts for KCW Spring 2013 and love the simplicity and ease of an elastic waistband.

I decided to make Boo a summer shirt to match. The shirt pattern is great as a basic pattern, but it does require a bit of guesswork in terms of pocket and collar placement. Both prints are from the Indian Summer collection by Sarah Watson: the shirt in Woodland (Pine) and the shorts in Forest Trail (Mountain)–also used to make my A-line skirt.
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
A closer look at the pocket and pearl snap buttons:
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
There is a small pleat detail in the back of the shirt:
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
I added a hidden tag to the bottom of the shirt that is only visible when the buttons are undone.KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
The shorts are super simple, without front and back pockets. Since the fabric is busy, I figured that they weren’t necessary. I added a tag to indicate the back of the shorts:
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
Both patterns for the shorts (modified from Ben & Mia Pants) and shirt (Summer Shirt for Boys) are from the Lily Bird Studio. When I made Froo’s Burberry-Inspired School Coat, I bought a 4-pack bundle and have now used all of the patterns! Here’s a round-up of all of the garments I made with The Lily Bird Studio patterns:
The Lily Bird Studio Pattern Roundup
Today was Boo’s first day of preschool. He was on a waitlist for the summer session and a spot opened up for him. I was nervous about how he would handle it, but he just walked right in to play, amidst a bunch of wailing toddlers. I was completely stunned at his independence.

I wanted Boo to wear the outfit for school, but the shirt was collarless and buttonless this morning. So he wore it after his nap:
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for BooKCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
There used to be a drawing on the wall. Froo & Boo had friends over yesterday–I drew a picture of all of them on chart paper, so the kids could colour it in altogether. Boo is the boy on the far right.
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
Then Boo had this look of what I call “premeditated naughtiness”:
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
It only takes a split-second for some Boo-induced destruction:
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
Which ends with this face:
KCW Summer 2013: Summer Outfit for Boo
This is the face that he uses when he pretends to emote guilt. I must be a huge sucker because I fall for it every single time. Now that he can talk, he is learning how to say exactly the right things, with a look of feigned sincerity: “Really, really bad. Never ever again. Sorry mommy.” I’m pretty sure Boo thinks “never ever” means, “again in 5 minutes”.

I am currently working on another geranium dress, but I forgot to prewash my lining. I’m hoping to finish by Sunday’s deadline! My A-line skirt did not make it to the next round of the Super Online Sewing Match, so I should have some time to finish. I’m a little disappointed, but I’m very happy to have taken part in the entire experience. I’m still sewing and dreaming up new projects, just not obsessively!


9 responses to “KCW: Summer outfit for Boo

  1. Jessica

    He’s so big now! I remember back when he was a little one and won’t say hi to me.

    And hey, at least he’s a sweet talker, will come in handy one day …

  2. Such a cutie 😉 I LOVE the round up of things you made with the Lily Bird Studio patterns. The light blue shorts are my favorite!

  3. meg

    aw, thanks for the kind words about the site. you’re boo looks absolutely adorable in his outfit!

  4. SO cute!!! I have this fabric and was totally wanting to make a camp shirt for Lala. OH my goodness… “premeditated madness”… I love it!

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