Happy Grey & Canada Day!

Boo’s best buddy’s name is Grey. Today is his 3rd birthday, which happens to land on Canada day–happy birthday to both boy and country!
Grey's 3rd Birthday
Yesterday, we celebrated Grey’s birthday with his family. Lots of fun! This was the birthday gift I made for him:
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
I knew I wanted to make the birthday boy something grey, so I searched my sewing books and the Internet for some ideas. I decided on using the Oliver + S backpack pattern from the book, “little things to sew“–using a grey fox instead of a penguin. I think foxes are adorable.

Normally, I would shy away from a time-consuming, detailed project like this, but after I had decided on a grey fox backpack, I was determined. The instructions were many, but well-written and easy to follow–I was able to get a little bit done at a time, over the span of a week. I’m glad I made this cute backpack–I love how it turned out!

I used Pellon Wonder Under to applique the face onto the front pocket and secured it with a triple stitch. The ears and nose are a polka dot print on flannel. The fabric is a bottom-weight fabric, similar to denim, with a silver metallic sheen to it.
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
I added fusible fleece to the back panel of the backpack, to provide comfort with the extra padding. I also added fusible fleece to the straps and modified them because I could only find 1″ strap adjusters. I copied the straps on Froo’s backpack–shortening the straps in half and attaching a bit of 1″ navy cotton webbing to loop around the strap adjusters. I sewed longer cotton webbing to the bottom of the backpack, looped it through the adjusters and sewed the edges down.
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
The lining is very cute–grey, aqua and white woodland animals. There are foxes printed on it! Both the outside & inside fabrics are from Jo-Ann. The divided pocket is Kona Aqua, leftover from Froo’s open wide zipper pouches.
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
To save time, and my sanity, I decided to machine stitch the lining to the zipper tape using my zipper foot. I tried to get the lining as close to the first set of stitching as possible, but there are a few wobbly spots. I’m pretty sure a 3 year old boy won’t mind!
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
Here’s the “real” birthday present, hidden inside the backpack:
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
Even though Froo & Boo love electronic gadgets, sometimes it’s the old-school toys–like the View Master–that keep them entertained at a restaurant, or waiting room. One of Grey’s favourite movies is Despicable Me. I was surprisingly touched by the movie and have already made plans with Grey’s mommy to watch Despicable Me 2 altogether!

During Boo’s nap, Froo was busy making a card and gift wrapping. Not too shabby for a dressed up Safeway paper bag using cardstock, scrapbook paper, punches, stamps and old ribbon:
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew"
Finally, here are some photos of Grey with his birthday present:
Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew" Fox backpack from Oliver + S "little things to sew" Grey's 3rd Birthday
Happy happy birthday, Grey! We hope you fill your backpack with meaningful things that will give you a life full of adventure and happiness!


15 responses to “Happy Grey & Canada Day!

  1. Catt

    By far the COOLEST present he received! I can tell how much work you put into it! Thanks for such a special gift! 🙂

  2. Awesome Irene! …when you have a moment…would you send me your snailmail address?

  3. I just saw a foxy project picture on flickr so I came over for a look – you did a FANTASTIC job – the backpack is just adorable! I started one a while ago (penguin version) but haven’t finished it yet. I really like your “hacks” and will be pinning your picture for future inspiration! Happy (belated) Canada Day, btw – I peeked at your About Me page – you can celebrate both July 1 and 4!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog! If you get around to finishing your backpack, I would really recommend the strap adjusters and webbing.

  4. Cute and cool b’day gifts! You did awesome job, Irene! Happy belated Canada day to you!

  5. This is so adorable. I’ve wanted to make this backpack for some time- I like how you modified the straps, and I am digging that fox face!

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  7. Lucinda

    What an amazing gift!! I’m sure Grey, as well as his mom, was thrilled to pieces with this backpack. I made it for my daughter in the original penguin form, but love this one even more!

  8. It is adorable. I am in the process of making a penguin for my son for pre school and now my daughter wants one. I am trying to get ideas to make her backpack different. I could only find 1 inch strap adjusters too. I made my straps thinner but I love what you did. I think thicker straps look better. I am happy I found your blog.

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