A sheer Wiksten tank

Light Grey & Navy Blue
The 2 colours that I wear regularly are light grey and navy blue. You would think that I was in my own version of a school uniform. I try to mix it up by adding prints, polka dots or pops of colour, but grey and navy are usually the foundation on which my outfits are built.

For my last online order of fabric, I bought grey gingham voile on clearance–hoping to make another Wiksten tova, since my Nani Iro tova gets so much wear. What I ended up with is a slightly stiffer and shinier version of chiffon. The description read that it was “cotton voile”, but in the fabric composition section, I didn’t read the label: 100% rayon. Yikes. The colour and size of the gingham are just right, but the sheer quality of the fabric is better suited for a Wiksten tank. A happy accident, considering the warmer weather!

Here is my new Wiksten tank:
Sheer Gingham Wiksten Tank Sheer Gingham Wiksten Tank
The rayon voile was not without its sewing challenges. The neck and arm bindings were much more stretched out when cut on the bias, so they needed to be shortened. Also, when ironing, it was hard to get a precise crease, so parts of the shirt are wavy. The bottom hem was a bit of a failure. When I tried to get my hem even along the curve, the only way I could manage was to create little folds, to tuck in excess fabric. I should have serged the edges with a gathering stitch and eased it into place. You can see what I mean in this photo:
Sheer Gingham Wiksten Tank
I’ve made the Wiksten tank once before, also in light grey, briefly described here. I was unsure about using quilting cotton for this pattern because of the way it drapes. So what is my issue with drape anyways? When I wear the tank with a cardigan, my *ahem* boobs create unflattering waves in the front of the shirt. Cardigans are a must for me.
Wiksten tank
I like my new Wiksten tank so much better. I need to wear a camisole underneath, but it’s lightweight and has a nice airy quality to it. Try not to look too closely–my in-laws are visiting, after back-to-back visits from my sister and parents, so I’ve been eating like a tourist for the past month. Doughnuts for breakfast? Fried chicken & waffles for brunch? Dining out? Late night In-N-Out burgers? Check. Check. Check. Check. I think I need to start a smoothie diet with my new Vitamix blender. Yum.
Sheer Gingham Wiksten Tank
Worn with a cardigan. I have about 5 different grey cardigans. I thought I would try tone-on-tone with a different mix of prints. No wavy drapes–woo hoo!
Sheer Gingham Wiksten Tank
Hmm, not sure what I am going to do about my hair, though. I got colour & highlights done a couple of months ago, hoping to cover up my grey hair, but now that my roots are starting to grow, I don’t want to go through the hassle of getting my hair redone. I should just embrace the grey, like I have in my wardrobe.
Sheer Gingham Wiksten Tank


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  1. Hi Irene, your post remind me to make another top tank for myself! It’s in my mind since summer is coming now but I almost forget it (I have to jot it down in my sewing list project). You made nice tops!

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