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Pretty Yarn
At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about crocheting granny squares and wanting to learn how to make the Sunshine Day Afghan with my mom. So I bought the pattern, a crochet hook and some pretty yarn. The yarn I’m using is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. It’s incredibly soft and I love the soft muted colours. Here is a photo of our (my mom’s) very first square:
Sunshine Day Afghan Square
Sooooo pretty. I have absolutely no confidence that I can make one myself. I thought of hiding the yarn in my mom’s suitcase so she can take it back to Vancouver and crochet it for me.

My mom was able to interpret the pattern (with absolutely no help from me), and she drew up a diagram for me to follow. I really should have taken a video of her making one. Exciting stuff.
Sunshine Day Afghan Squares
I’m pretty sure my yarn will stay in the same bag until I see my mom again. She left this morning and I can’t say I’ve retained a single thing she taught me. I’m not a very focused student! During this visit, we took turns teaching each other–my mom got a new iPad, so I taught her how to set it up and use it. She’s a much better student than I am–she’s already addicted and ignores us while watching Korean dramas.

During one of Boo’s naps, I made an iPad cover for my mom. I gave her my old iPad Smart Cover (I had to switch to the Smart Case because Froo & Boo are not so gentle), but it doesn’t quite protect the iPad when toted around.

The case is pretty much one rectangular piece, folded, with edges sewn and snap buttons. It’s padded with 2 layers of fusible fleece. The fabric is by Melody Miller, Ruby Star Rising Viewfinders in Pink. I’ve been saving it for awhile now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.
iPad Case in Ruby Stars Rising Viewfinders iPad Case in Ruby Stars Rising Viewfinders
The iPad case is lined with a fat quarter from Jo-Ann and the snap buttons are hand stitched.
iPad Case in Ruby Stars Rising Viewfinders
Froo picked the decorative buttons to put on the outside, directly over the snap buttons on the inside. They are the same heart buttons that I put on her fall cardigan I made for KCWC fall 2012.
iPad Case in Ruby Stars Rising Viewfinders
My mom left for Vancouver this morning. As she was packing, she put a pen inside the case and felt that it was too bumpy and worried that it would scratch her iPad. So I took the iPad case and ran to the sewing machine to add a small elastic ribbon loop. I got the idea from the notebook I was using for the crochet pattern (in the photo with the crochet hook slotted into the pen holder).
iPad Case in Ruby Stars Rising Viewfinders
iPad Case in Ruby Stars Rising Viewfinders
It’s amazing how you discover that you are drawn to certain colours when the lovely things surrounding you match without realizing it.
iPad Case & Sunshine Day Squares
My dad & little brother are still here, until this evening (remember I told you about miscommunications?)–I should go and see what they’d like to do! I’m sure my dad is bored–he is already addicted to Go (baduk in Korean) on the iPad, which is no longer here since my mom left this morning.


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