Happy Mother’s Day, Umma!

Happy Mother's Day!
Through a series of comedic and untimely miscommunications, my parents & little brother arrived the day after my sister and her family left. They’ve also managed to squeeze themselves in before my in-laws are scheduled to arrive at the end of the month. We have a full house!

Despite my initial bewilderment as to how this happened, believe me, I’m still confused–I’m really happy that my mom is here for Mother’s Day. I’ve always appreciated everything she’s done and the mom that she was and continues to be for my sister, brother and me. She is also a loving and caring halmoni (grandma in Korean) to Froo & Boo.
Froo & my mom
Froo, me & mom
If I had time to make my mom a gift, I would have. Growing up, my mom was always busy at the sewing machine, or knitting, or crocheting some project that was intended for a member of the family. She would have had an interesting blog. The last time I was at my parents’ house, I scanned a couple of photos of her work.

Starting with this dress:
Happy Mother's Day
I will forever associate a dusty rose shade of pink with my mom. This is my all-time favourite photo of the two of us.

This next outfit was one that my mom made when she was a newlywed. I remember using the EXACT same pattern for my Grade 10 sewing project. I used a floral print crushed velour and lengthened it to a knee-length dress. There are no photos of me wearing it–thank goodness. I still feel awkward looking at photos of myself during my high school years.
Mom & Dad
This photo was taken when my sister and I were little toddlers. We were living in Calgary at the time and visited Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. I think that’s when my parents decided to move to Vancouver. I remember that aqua shirt–it was lightweight and had a raised pattern of stripes and dots woven into it. I was shocked when my mom told me she made it because I was convinced it was store-bought.
Mom & Dad
My mom made my sister and me a lot of dresses. She made us Halloween costumes, too. I remember one year, my sister and I were both Raggedy Ann dolls and she knit us yarn wigs for our hair. It’s a shame we don’t have a photo. My mom made my sister’s and my matching dresses. I brought the pattern home with me, so you might be seeing a new dress on Froo in the future.
My mom, sister & me
This last photo is one of my bridesmaids and me on my wedding day. My mom made all of the dresses in a gorgeous midnight blue smooth satin. The draped halter dresses have a plunging back. Super sexy. I borrowed my sister’s dress afterwards for a Christmas dinner party once and received many compliments.
My wedding
In a way, I think I like blogging because I want to continue the legacy of my mom’s efforts to make handmade goodies for her family. Without photos of the beautiful garments she made, I need to rely on my memory, which is turning into mush these days.

In about 5 minutes, I am going to show my mom this post. She doesn’t read my blog. For all the mommies, I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day! For all the non-mommies, we are all connected as women–whether we care for pets, plants or the people in our lives–we nurture life. Let’s continue to encourage one another, because life is hard and best lived when we love freely. I’m off to give Froo & Boo a big squishy hug! xoxo


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  1. rose

    Best. Post. Ever.

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  3. Lucinda

    what a beautiful, beautiful wedding picture – just stunning!!! can’t believe your mom made all those dresses. she rocks!

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