My niece & nephew are here!

I’m so excited to show you a photo of my niece wearing the roses & chambray dress I made for her during KCW:
Roses & Chambray Dress
This baby girl LOVES me. She is so full of smiles and watches my every move. Probably since I am always staring at her! I can’t stop giving her animated winks and sly smiles to get a reaction out of her. She is the sweetest baby. I’m soooo happy that she is here with us.

My babies were never as big as my niece. She has really grown since I last saw her at Christmas! She’s 7 months old, wearing a 2T dress. Love it. Love the rolls–check them out:
Roses & Chambray Dress
I couldn’t let my adorable nephew go unoutfitted by me, so I quickly made him a pair of shorts as well. This time I used Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry. I’m always drawn to the colour aqua and the white herringbone print has an uneven hand-drawn quality to it.
Shorts for my nephew
The placement on the back pockets turned out much better on this pair.
Shorts for my nephew
A detailed look at the orange stitching:
Shorts for my nephew
So what happens when your mischievous boy puts random spools of thread in your shopping cart at Jo-Ann without your knowledge? Especially colours you wouldn’t choose yourself? (Ie. Orange. My favourite fruit, my least-favourite colour.) I’m not sure about you, but I ended up going back to buy matching piping and called it an example of serendipity. I was going to use white, which would have blended into the white herringbone print. The orange just pops.
Shorts for my nephew
I am definitely going to make a pair for Boo. Since our little boys are in fact, little boys, a pair of shorts takes up less than a 1/2 yard of fabric. Awesome value.

We spent a relaxing morning at the park today. I brought my camera with me because I wanted to catch a shot of my nephew wearing his new shorts. He is a fast little booger. I love him to bits.
Nephew in shorts
I managed to catch him by surprise a couple of times:
Nephew in shorts
Nephew in shorts
The park is always more fun with amazing company.
My sweet niece
Boo on a swing
Niece & Nephew are here
I am going to miss my niece and nephew when they head back to Vancouver! Froo & Boo have been very busy with them. Froo has been especially protective over my niece and will order the boys around. The boys will play–running around and jumping over the baby, until their heads are drenched in sweat. Ew.
Froo & my niece
My sister & me. My best friend growing up. Now our kids are growing up–in different cities and countries, but it’s my hope that they never grow apart. Sniffles…
My sister


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  1. oh my gawd Irene, she is so cute! that chubb – just wanna squeeze. Glad you’re having a good visit.

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