KCW: Snails & Tails…

KCW: Snails & Tails
I used to tell my little brother the following nursery rhyme:

Girls are made of sugar and spice,
and everything nice.

Boys are made of snails and tails,
and everything… gross.

In hindsight, I guess that wasn’t very nice, considering my little brother is 11 years younger than me. But now that I am a mother to a son, I think there is some truth to my version of the nursery rhyme. I have a new poem about my little boy:

Boo is constantly messy,
his head is always sweaty.
He puts his fingers in everything… gross.

For Boo’s KCW spring edition project, I decided to make him some shorts. I have to change his dirty clothes several times throughout the day and shorts are in short supply. It’s not unusual to find Boo crawling around underneath Chinese restaurant tables, running barefoot outdoors–while chewing on his shoes, rubber stamping his face, and licking mirrors. He’s THAT boy.

As I was looking through Boo’s dresser, I realized most of his shorts have too many pockets, snaps, zippers, belt loops, buttons, drawstrings and extra design elements that don’t serve much purpose for a 2 year old. I wanted to keep his shorts simple and easy to wear, without forgoing style.

The pattern: Ben & Mia pants by Lily Bird Studio
The fabric: Tiny Elephants by Daiwabo, purchased at Hawthorne Threads
The t-shirt: upcycled Threadless.com t-shirt, “Take Me to Tokyo“, designed by Juju’s Delivery
KCW: Snails and Tails
The shorts were pretty straightforward and easy to make. I love the elephant print and the fabric is incredibly soft. I was a little worried because the pattern didn’t come with grainline placement arrows, so I had to guess at how to cut the fabric, but the elephants are lined-up pretty straight.

Before Froo was born, I was obsessed with Threadless.com t-shirts. I still have a bunch in my dresser, but I’m waiting for the day my squishy midsection magically flattens out before wearing them again. The above t-shirt had a tiny hole near the bottom hem, so I thought it would be the perfect one for Boo–every boy needs a cute pink t-shirt.

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern in size 3 to cut out the PERFECT fit for Boo. Here are the steps that I took:

  1. I traced 2 back pieces of the pattern onto Pellon Tru-Grid Pattern-Tracing Material and put them side by side onto my t-shirt (one on the flip side). I did this so I could see where the graphic print would end up and also, to cut through both the front and back of the t-shirt at the same time.
  2. I cut one of my back pattern pieces to make it the front, then I folded the front t-shirt in half, to cut the neckline.
  3. I followed this tutorial to make short sleeves and used the existing hem.

KCW: Snails and Tails
After cutting out all of my fabric, I used a seam ripper to reuse the neck ribbing and serged it altogether. Then I used a double-needle to hem the bottom. It was super fast!

Here’s my Mr. Snails & Tails:
KCW: Snails and Tails
Let’s try again, without blurry elephants.
KCW: Snails and Tails
KCW: Snails and Tails
I have to fix the back pockets. I’m pretty sure I messed up the pattern placement–they are waaaay off. It looks like his butt cheeks are falling down.
KCW: Snails and Tails
But those calves! I bite them all the time. There is nothing sweeter than a little boy who lets his mommy bite his chunky calves.


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