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Cruise 2013
Cruise 2013
Cruise 2013
After a fabulous holiday Caribbean cruise and spending time with the hubs’ family, we are now back at home, trying to return to regular life. “Trying” because I have been terribly sick. It started off as a cold and a sore throat. Then I started coughing last week and haven’t really stopped. Finally, the hubs forced me to go to the doctor–I’m so glad he did, I now know what is bugging and it’s not at all what was self-diagnosed. Seasonal allergies! They are tricking my body into thinking I need to continue to fight off infection, causing my symptoms to persist and making me feel like I need to cough out my lungs.

Although I LOVE the weather here, there are a couple of downsides to living in the SF bay area: 1. Seasonal allergies last ALL year long. My doctor thinks it’s because the peninsula is situated between a desert and an ocean–given the weather and the strange wind patterns here, everyone is bound to be allergic to something in the air. 2. Insects. We are sharing our home with some creepy crawlies that I’ve never seen before. Google Images has been particularly helpful with identifying what they are. *Shudder.*

But there is always something about living here that makes me do a happy dance. For instance, we live within a short drive of the nearest PUBLIC bikes shop and they are having a sale until the end of March! I ordered mine today and can’t wait to pick it up this weekend. In pink! Woot woot!
This post has nothing to do with sewing–trying to sew while sick is not safe. The concentration is enough to make my already sinus-pressure-cooked head explode. As it is the second day of spring, I have spring cleaning sewing projects planned, Boo’s 2nd birthday present to be made, a friend’s newborn gift to make and a couple of other projects I am itching to sew… as soon as my throat stops itching!


10 responses to “Back home

  1. Love the photos! All of them and I’ve been missing your posts. Glad you’re back. Check out the new robson trench at Sewaholic! I think you need to make a coat to match Froo’s. AND love you’re new bike. Is it flat in San Mateo? Or like Bby?

    • Thanks Deb! Pretty flat here, not at all hilly like SF! We go out everyday with Froo on her bike and Boo on his trike. We are getting them a trailer for the hubs’ bike so we can bike the trail along the water. As for the coat, it is lovely. You make it first!

  2. Helen

    Your bike is so pretty!! Remember the one outside the bike shop by your parents house that we would ooh and ahh at when we drove by? Your new bike colour reminds me of my kitchenaid appliances.

  3. Britt

    Awesome bike Irene…I have a powder blue one complete with wicker basket, wear my hair in pigtails and cruise aound North Burnaby…I might be regarded as a crazy lady…but my bike Maelle makes me smile and feel happy! Glad your home safe and sound…hope your feeling better!

    • Britt, your bike has a name–that’s so cute! I will have to come up with a name for mine. You’re only crazy when you run in the rain and at night! I still don’t know how you do it.

  4. Hi Irene, hope you’re fully recover now. Your pink bike is cool! I wish I have one… So, have you found a cool name for your bike? ;). Thank you for visiting my blog that day 🙂

    • Thanks, but I can’t believe that I’m still coughing! Time to revisit the doctor… I haven’t had the chance to ride my bike yet so as time goes by, I think a name will emerge. Btw, I love the cute dresses and the boy button-up shirts that you make!

  5. Lucinda

    Glad your illness has been diagnosed and hope that you will improve quickly!

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