Happy Birthday, Mama!

This post is dedicated to Froo & Boo’s Mama, or the hubs’ mom, or the best mother-in-law I could ever have wished for. (Seriously). We wish you the very best, most memorable 60th Birthday ever! The sign below reads, “WELCOME MAMA YEYE UNCLE ERIC!”, written and drawn by Froo.
Mama's Birthday
In both the Chinese & Korean language, there is a different title for grandmother, depending on which side of the family she comes from. There are also different titles for siblings, relatives and in-laws, making it easier to identify extended family members. The hubs’ parents are lovingly called, “Mama & Yeye”.
Mama's Birthday
Mama had requested a Froo & Boo Colour Block Tote Bag for her & Yeye to use on the cruise. She wanted to pay for it, but I wanted to make it as a gift for her. It is customized with the titles that her and Yeye wear with the utmost pride and joy. Mama chose navy blue so Yeye wouldn’t object to carrying it as well.
Mama's Birthday Mama's Birthday
Since the tote was something that Mama had requested, I wanted to make her something else, too. So I made her a cowl-neck sweater using this pattern that I got on sale at Jo-Anns. I used a stretch French terry in grey that I was intending to use to make Boo a sweatshirt version of the flashback skinny tee, but the fabric was such a great match for the pattern.

I followed the pattern instructions, except that I sewed most of the seams using my new serger. I also used a double-needle to finish the hems on the neck, sleeves and shirt bottom. After trying it on, I almost wanted to keep it for myself, but I had already told the hubs that I was making a shirt for his mom, so I had to give it up. I am definitely going to make another one for myself. It’s a very easy pattern and the fit is comfy, yet form-flattering. I really like the cowl-neck of the shirt and the serger made it so fast and easy to sew.
Mama's Birthday
My one modification: sleeve tabs. I love sleeve tabs! It gives you the option of having long sleeves and 3/4 length sleeves. I followed the instructions from the Shearwater kaftan pattern using the same anchor covered fabric for my cruise-worthy skirt. I purchased the buttons from Dressew in Vancouver. I love how the dimensions adds a bit of sparkle to the button by reflecting light off the angled surfaces.
Mama's Birthday
Mama, Yeye & Uncle E arrived on February 28, but Mama’s birthday isn’t until today, March 2. We gave Mama her birthday gifts on the day she arrived and she wore her new shirt that night and the very next day. I’m pretty sure that means she loves it as much as I do. This post is scheduled to publish on March 2, while we are away, so I’m not sure when I’ll be posting anything new for awhile. I plan to take it eeeeaaaassssy.
Mama's Birthday
By the way, doesn’t Mama look so young?? She’s not afraid to get down and play with Froo & Boo–joyfully participating in all of Froo’s ideas and plans to have the very best day ever. She’s also hip and has great style. Shopping with her is oodles of fun–we spent the 2 days before the cruise shopping and checking out the new outlets at Livermore. It was the best way to start our holiday cruise!


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  1. Lucinda

    What sweet and creative gifts! The cowl neck sweater sounds like something I could live in:) The added tabs look great! Hope you enjoyed your cruise!

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