Using up scraps of fabric & batting

Scraps of Fabric & Batting
Thursday is garbage day. There is a black bin for trash, green for compost, forest green for yard waste and blue for recycling. I wish there was another bin for fabric scraps, preferably in a bright colour, like shocking pink. In the interest of living minimally, I have been throwing small scraps of fabric in the garbage, but have been saving bigger pieces in a clear tote bin. I still have guilt when throwing out the tiniest pieces of fabric.

This little project is a great one for many reasons: it uses up fabric & batting scraps, it’s energy efficient, it saves you money and finally, in the interest of living beautifully, it is totally cute!

Without further ado: a door draft pillow. My friend was complaining about the cold draft from the door to her garage, so I made her one. It’s hard to remember that we are in the middle of winter: the weather in the SF bay area is sunny and warm, but it still gets really cold at night. Even though I’m Canadian, I can’t handle the cold–I am LOVING the weather here. Also, the price of electricity is almost 3x more here, than what we were used to paying in Vancouver.
Door Draft Pillows
I made one a couple of years ago and pulled out the same fabric. It’s a fun printed home decor weight canvas from IKEA.
Fabric - IKEA Gunilla
To make, I cut 2 pieces of fabric, approximately 4.5″ x 42″. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, I sewed around the edges, leaving a 4″ opening. I filled the bottom with about a cup of poly-pellets. You could use rice, but I think rice is for eating and feel it’s a waste otherwise. Then I filled the pillow with various scraps of leftover batting and fabric. It was a great way to use knit/fleece fabric scraps because I never know what to do with them. Finally, I sewed the opening closed with my sewing machine.
Door Draft Pillows
Door Draft Pillows
The previous one I made was a little skinny and firmly packed with stuffing, so this time I made sure to make it wider and loosely packed with fabric and batting scraps. This is important because the pillow needs to relax and slouch into the door crack in order to fill all the little nooks and crannies to stop the cold drafties from seeping through. Hopefully, it’ll keep spiders out, too. That’s pretty much it. Nothing fancy–just an easy project that will have you wondering why you didn’t make one years ago.


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