Froo makes her own handmade gifts

Froo makes her own handmade gifts
While I was making fabric covered button hair ties and magnets last week, Froo declared that she wanted to make Christmas presents, too. She was playing with her big bucket of beads and came up with the idea of making bracelets for her friends. So while we were at Michael’s buying a birdhouse, we also picked up a package of beads. I made sure they had large holes for easier threading. I pulled out some jewelry making supplies and we were quickly turning out handmade gifts for her friends.
Bracelet Making Supplies

  1. Beads
  2. Crimp beads *
  3. Crimping tool *
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape – I used washi taped
  6. Stretch jewelry cord

* If you don’t have crimp beads and a crimping tool, you can simply knot the stretch jewelry cord following these instructions.
Bracelet Making Supplies

  1. Cut a length of the stretch cord the circumference of your child’s wrist + 2 inches extra
  2. Stick a piece of tape at the end of the cord
  3. String beads
  4. Insert one crimp bead through one end of the cord, insert the other end of the cord through the crimp bead and pull both ends until all the beads are touching, but not too tight
  5. Use the crimping tool, as per instructions
  6. Cut loose ends of the cord

Froo makes her own handmade gifts
An adult will need to assist with steps 4-6. Simple. But here’s the amazing thing about simple things: there is much to learn from the simple things in life. While Froo was making bracelets, I inadvertently discovered that she was learning real-life math skills. First, there is counting the number of beads. Second, there is the discovery of making a pattern, which helps with problem-solving and making predictions. Third, there is shape recognition. The set of beads we had included butterflies, hearts and stars. Putting it altogether, we discovered that we can make patterns with just colours, or shapes or both. I could draw a Venn diagram and we could separate bracelets afterwards! Which would be forth, classification. If I wanted to get super nerdy, we could count the number of colours and the number of shapes with a set number of beads to figure out how many possible outcomes there would be. Possible fifth, statistics.

Anyhoo, before I get too excited about turning every activity into a “teachable moment”, here’s Froo modelling a couple of the bracelets she made. Her bunny is a gift from Santa for her first Christmas. She loves that bunny.
Froo makes her own handmade gifts
Froo made some bracelets before we left for her preschool friends in San Mateo. I packed up all of the supplies to make some in Vancouver for her friends here. A nice mommy & me activity to do while Boo naps. We wrapped them in small envelopes and used wired tinsel garland to wrap around the envelope. Washi tape was used to seal the envelope. I also wrapped the fabric button hair ties and magnets this way.
Froo makes her own handmade gifts
It snowed last night! This morning Froo & Boo were excited about going out in the snow, but it had melted by the time we went out. There was still snow in Burnaby at my parents’ house when we went by for dinner, so Boo got to walk in snow for the first time in his life. Last year, he was bundled up in a brown teddy bear suit all winter. A photo of Boo & me at the Stanley Park train last December. I made a hooded cover for my ergo carrier that was made of a waterproof nylon cover, lined with fuzzy fleece. I think he was still cold. Brrrr…
Boo & me at the Stanley Park train


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