Starting a Christmas tradition

A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
Now that Froo is 4 years old, she is starting to form very specific ideas on what Christmas should “look” like. I prefer a simple decor, so we just decorate the Christmas tree until it is covered with ornaments–all shades of turquoise, blue and silver. This year, I decided that we would start a family tradition: painted birdhouses. I saw the cutest ones on sale at Michael’s and Froo & Boo had so much fun painting mini birdhouses a couple of months ago–I thought it would be a fun way to decorate the fireplace mantle.

The supplies include: a wooden birdhouse, paint brushes or sponges and paint. We used 2 different types of Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface paint: pearl paint in Mother of Pearl and glitter paint in Sugar Cube.
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
Here are Froo & Boo painting the birdhouse. Since Froo is a lefty and Boo is a righty, I really should have them trading places–their brushes kept overlapping and their hands were a painted mess! With acrylic paint, it’s important to scrub it out of clothing right away so the paint doesn’t set into the fabric.
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
Froo & Boo painted one coat of the pearl paint yesterday and one coat of the glitter paint this morning. The birdhouse could have used 2 coats of the pearl paint since there are uneven spots with the natural wood showing through. The glitter has a pale pink sheen to it, which I quite like. I especially like the goopiness of the paint globs that make the birdhouse look like it is covered in snow. But it’s still looking too bare–so time to decorate!
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
I bought battery-operated tiny blue LED lights from Target. Since the lights are spaced out too far, I used clear twist ties to bring the lights closer together.
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
Then I pulled some ornaments off the tree and made our very own little winter wonderland.
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
We have a couple of these birds on our tree. I love the look and design aesthetics of birds, but they creep me out in real life. While decorating the mantle, I could hear a crow cawing through the fireplace, echoing up the chimney and it gave me the heebie jeebies. *shudder*
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
Two years ago, the hubs & I went on a date and bought 4 wooden ornaments at the Vancouver Christmas Market. The market is based on the thousands of Christmas markets all over Germany. After graduating from university, I interned as a web designer in Switzerland and loved the atmosphere of the outdoor Christmas markets with traditional handmade goods, hot mulled wine, raclette (toasted cheese) and sausages. Last weekend, we went to the San Jose Christmas in the Park, thinking it would be similar. Um… not quite. It was a full-on carnival with funnel cakes and a ferris wheel. Interesting.
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
Hopefully, this is a tradition that will continue on throughout the years. Just so we don’t forget, I wrote the date on the bottom of the birdhouse.
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition
Ooooh, in the evening, the lights catch flecks of the glitter, casting a sparkly glow. Christmas is a very special time of year, when hope is renewed and life is full–despite the darkest of nights. Little projects like this really fill me with love for my kids and wonder at the simple things that make them so happy.
A Froo & Boo Christmas Tradition


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  1. Deborah siverson

    The blue is perfect! I think I have some pink ones Froo would like.

  2. Tiara

    Great and cute idea!

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