Quick handmade gift under $5!

Fabric Covered Buttons
I love making things, but here is my take on handmade gifts: they are often not worth the effort. Sounds harsh, but most often, it’s because they are really time-consuming and the materials/tools are usually expensive, making handmade gifts a true labour of love time & money. If only I had endless amounts of both, but alas, I have 2 kids and a small window in the evenings to create before I pass out for the night.

I found this tutorial to make fabric covered buttons and thought it was a brilliant way to make handmade gifts for Froo & Boo’s little friends in Vancouver: hair ties for the girls, magnets for the boys. The supplies needed include: a fabric button covering kit, magnets, hair elastics, hot glue gun, and fabric scraps. I really like the Dritz button kit because there are 2 different options for the backs: flat ones and backs with shanks (loops).
Fabric Covered Buttons
I made my first set with the larger 1 1/8″ size buttons. Last year, I made some girlie versions of the drooly bib for my friends with baby girls with the panda print and had some leftover scraps. It’s a Japanese print by Lecien and there are some glitter accents on the print. I bought the pink with white hearts ages ago and can’t find it anywhere. I use it sparingly.
Fabric Covered Buttons
Recognize this next print? I am so happy when I can use even the smallest fabric scraps to create something pretty and useful. I think I might keep this pair.
Fabric Covered Buttons
I made this next batch with the smaller 7/8″ size buttons. Since they are smaller, they look great with tiny prints. When my last order arrived from fabric.com, I received 1 yard of the pink floral print (Tea Cakes Tea Rose Vanilla). I have no recollection of putting it in my shopping cart. Yikes.
Fabric Covered Buttons
This is a batch of fabric covered 7/8″ buttons with flat backs that I need to glue magnets to. The Dritz button kit includes a see-through template for cutting fabric so you know exactly where your print will be placed on the button. The fabric is a Japanese print by Puti de Pome that I bought on sale at superbuzzy.com awhile back. It’s a linen/cotton blend, so it’s a bit heavier and adds a really nice look and feel to the buttons. I love the bunnies!
Fabric Covered Buttons
The next print is called “Anchors Away”, by Dear Stella. Two summers ago, I was intent on making a navy dress with anchors all over it and contrasting white fabric covered buttons with navy anchors. I couldn’t decide on a size (still post-pregnancy weight to lose), so I never cut into the fabric. This past summer, J. Crew had a major nautical theme featuring anchors and I was hoping to have a nautical summer dress of my own. Nope. Now I’m wondering if I should even bother?
Fabric Covered Buttons
To wrap, I simply tied a piece of ribbon to a pair of hair ties. I will probably add a gift tag to it. I’m not sure how I am going to wrap the button magnets yet.
Fabric Covered Buttons
Here is Froo wearing a couple of the fabric covered button hair ties. To wear, I find that it’s much easier to hold onto the button and wrap the elastic around the ponytail, then hook the elastic around the button. It causes less tears.
Fabric Covered Buttons
It doesn’t get much easier than this! I’m working on another handmade gift, but I don’t think I will reveal that one until after Christmas–I don’t want to spoil the surprise. (I doubt Froo & Boo’s little friends are reading this post…) But it is quick and easy as well and can be given as a hostess gift anytime throughout the year.


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  1. Tiara

    They are so cute! Especially the great Japanese prints, adorable!

  2. Lucinda

    These are so adorable, and what a great gift idea! Love the animal print fabric – so sweet!

  3. Oh these are adorable! Pinning.

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