Fabric Shopping in Vancouver

I am now home in San Mateo with Froo & Boo. We spent a wonderful week back home in Vancouver and now we are home with the hubs. My little brother said, “home is a who, not a where”. In that case, we have 2 homes.

On the airplane, Froo made 3 cards and Boo made one. Froo made one for each pair of grandparents and one for her cousin’s birthday. The airplane activities envelope pouch ended up being a lifesaver. Two pieces of paper with folded edges and washi tape were perfect as little envelopes for the cards. On the airplane ride home, Froo made a card for the hubs. One roll of washi tape rolled away during take-off and we couldn’t find it afterwards. Oh well.

We stayed with Mama & Yeye (my hubs’ parents) the entire week and they were the bestest hosts ever–thank you for making our stay comfortable and relaxing. They took care of Froo & Boo. They took us to eat at our favourite restaurants. They shooed me out of the house so I could meet with friends and go shopping. Except I didn’t want to go shopping because everything is more expensive in Canada. So I went fabric shopping instead. The pile on the left is from Fabricana in Richmond, the pile on the right is from Dressew in downtown Vancouver–Sewaholic has an excellent post about it here.

I recently bought the flashback skinny tee pattern after seeing some cute versions of it during kcwc. Froo will be getting a cream coloured knit tee with a pink floral print and Boo will be getting a tee with wide blue and navy stripes–it’s a stretch pique knit labelled “Lacoste knit”. The feathers and polka dot woven cottons will become Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress from the book Girl’s World.

Dressew is truly an amazing place. I went with a friend, the day before Halloween–it was incredibly busy. My friend was able to find really nice fabric to make table linens for her wedding. I found some navy micro fleece on sale and grey stretch french terry for Boo. But the buttons! Most of the button cards I bought were only 49 cents. I wanted to buy more, but I have a new philosophy on buying fabric: only buy fabric and sewing supplies for projects I have in mind and intend to make. Sounds simple, but I have trouble saying “no” to cute cotton prints and fabric on sale. I’m still wishing I bought more buttons.

When I got back home, I had a package from Fabric Depot waiting for me! I like the convenience of online shopping, but I have to say, buying fabric is such a tactile and visual experience, that it was really nice spending time at my two favourite fabric stores in Vancouver.


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