Airplane Activities

I’ve been doing a lot of Internet research on how to keep toddlers entertained on an airplane. I just need to be prepared–if I had 0.01% of the energy that Boo has, I could do it all. Unfortunately, I operate on a pretty low-energy basis and require a lot of coffee to get through the day. One of the things that I’ve learned from my research is to buy triangular crayons so they won’t roll off the tray. Brilliant!

This afternoon, I sewed up this envelope pouch for Froo. The ribbon is really long and wraps around twice before looping around the button.

On the other side, I added an appliqué using Appleville fabric designed by Suzy Ultman. It’s a fun print–this one is a panel print with rectangles of various sizes and designs. If you look closely, I stitched together 2 rectangles to complete the picture.

Inside of the envelope pouch holds everything Froo needs to make greeting cards. The paper pad is from Target. Each piece can be folded in half, then decorated with crayons, stickers, self-inking rubber stamps and washi tape. I added a glue stick in case we need to make envelopes as well. Froo loves to send letters and cards, so this way, she can make cards for everyone we will see when we arrive in Vancouver. The Hello Kitty paint book is from Jo-Ann. A bit of water will turn the colours on the bottom of each sheet into paint. I packed a water-filled paint brush pen in the envelope pouch.

Boo no longer eats crayons. Woo hoo! But now he is into colouring everything, including walls. Boo hoo. I hope he enjoys the activities, too. Otherwise, I packed a whole bunch of snacks for him. Another tip for toddlers who think running away from you is a game: rubber boots. I just bought Boo a pair of rubber boots and the first time he wore them, he couldn’t move because he didn’t know how to walk it them. He hasn’t worn them since, but I plan to put them on him when we go to the airport so he’ll stay put. We’ll see!


5 responses to “Airplane Activities

  1. littleputtstuff

    Yay! Thursday!

  2. Mary Tang

    I found myself on a bus with mothers boarding with their prams and helped them fold them up and put them on the racks then quieted a screaming little boy with biscuits I happened to have. I like to think that it was inspired by what I read on your blog. In the end I was the one with the pleasure of receiving thanks and praises, not just from the mothers but from other passengers. I’m sure the people who helped you were glad of the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Small acts of kindness can be powerful.

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