Halloween Costumes for Froo & Boo

This is what I see out of my kitchen window. Not from this perspective, of course. The way we see Skeletor is often in a frenzied flying state (it can get pretty windy here in the SF bay area). At night, it’s even spookier.

Our neighbours really like to decorate the little garden in the roundabout. Some fixtures are permanent, while most others rotate throughout the season. Yesterday afternoon, I took Froo & Boo out to take photos, since I had the help of my hubs to get their attention. Good thing, it’s raining pretty hard today–reminds me of Vancouver.

Boo’s costume is the one I made for him last year. It barely fits, but I think it makes him look more authentic as a garden gnome. His sweater is from this pattern, without the turtleneck. His hat is fleece and made up of 4 triangles. His beard is the soft and fuzzy backside of sweatshirt material and attaches to the hat with velcro pieces. I made him matching black booties, but they didn’t even fit him last year.

Froo’s been asking me to make her a mermaid costume for the longest time. I found this Martha Stewart tutorial that I thought would be quick and easy. Jo-Ann had the stretchy scale fabric that is perfect for this costume. Froo’s top is a tube top that is elasticized at the top with a velcro closure at the back. Froo decided she wanted flowers on her costume, so I cut flowers out of felt and she decorated them with glitter glue.

Here they are together:

Lately, she is into posing like her hip is the focal point and her neck is unhinged.

A detailed look at Froo’s skirt. Froo found the little broken shell in the sand box at the playground awhile ago and kept it in her jewelry box. While decorating the waistband, she ran to her room to find it and said it would be perfect for her costume. She is becoming more and more like her mommy.

The skirt tail is very full and sparkly. I used a hot glue gun to attach it to the skirt.

While I was making Froo’s purple top, my sewing machine broke (Pfaff expression 2.0–discontinued soon after I bought it). It breaks once every couple of months or so, causing all sorts of stress and trauma. But this time, I think I’ve pinpointed the problem. The top thread gets caught and has trouble passing over the bobbin, which makes the machine make a horrible sound, then causes major looping on the backside of the fabric. The loops are from the top thread, not the bobbin thread. The fix: clean the fuzzies from the machine, turn it off and turn it back on in several hours, start sewing slowly and it works again. I need to get my machine serviced. I’m not sure about warranties because I bought my machine in Canada and I am definitely not travelling with it!

I am going to be in Vancouver with Froo & Boo for the next week. The costumes are coming with us to celebrate my nephew’s 2nd birthday, which happens to fall on Halloween. We’ll also be meeting his newborn sister, which I am very excited about!

I took this picture of Boo in September, when I was considering if he could still be a gnome. My friend had a shirt once that read “gnomies are my homies”. Love it.


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