If there were 8 days in a week

We spent day 6 of kcwc at the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival, followed by a visit to the pumpkin patch and dinner at my favourite Chinese restaurant in Foster City–best egg puffs EVER. We went with Froo & Boo’s 2nd cousin, who was the ring bearer at our wedding, but is now a big boy! We also went with his grandparents (the hubs’ aunt & uncle) who are visiting from Vancouver. It’s great being with family.

Uncle left his iPhone at our place, so we spent day 7 meeting up at the Ferry Building in San Francisco–one of my favourite places in the city. Then we went to watch our ring bearer’s little league baseball game. Froo & Boo had a blast! Afterwards, we went to shop for Korean groceries in Daly City, then had Froo & Boo’s other 2nd cousins over for dinner. Fewf!

I still had some fabric cut out on day 5 that I wanted to get finished, so I spent yesterday (day 8) at the sewing machine. Confused. Cussing. Seam ripping. I should have left my project undone. But I was determined. I’m pretty sure I have excellent reading comprehension and my sewing skills are alright, but trying to read the instructions in the pattern (McCall’s M6156) I was using was futile. I improvised on most of the directions, according to what I thought made sense. I feel like the pattern makers were trying to save on print, so they used the least amount of words and the smallest illustrations as possible. I need some Oliver + S patterns!

So after all that complaining (don’t even get me started on my machine), here it is:

The fabric is the same heavy herringbone cotton that I used for Boo’s art smock. It is also the same fabric that I used to make my Wiksten Tova dress. The contrasting floral print is from a super-old Old Navy button-down shirt I had. I love my tova dress, it’s comfy and easy to wear. I wanted to make Froo a similar dress, but couldn’t fathom drafting a smaller size of the tova–a beautifully crafted pattern. I’ve made 3 so far and it makes me feel like a sewing superstar every time I finish one. I have some Nani Iro saved for my next tova.

I made Froo’s dress in size 6, but it was much too big on her. I changed the sleeves to match the tova.

Here’s Froo practicing her “school photo” pose:

The waistband on Froo’s dress is elasticized and there is also a tie at the back. It’s still wide with both, but it should fit her next year.

Here are some photos sans Froo.

While waiting for the camera timer, we had a photo bomber incident! 12 seconds is a very long time to wait when it comes to little kids…

5 responses to “If there were 8 days in a week

  1. I love your matching dresses ! Your daughter’s school picture pose is perfect, she doesn’t need to practice anymore !

  2. Lilly Wong

    So cute …Such sweet looking kids and you are so talented, Irene!

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