HUGS in My Etsy Store

I am happy to announce that I have HUGS (Handmade Unique Goods for Sale) in my new Etsy store! You may be thinking, “oh great, another stay-at-home-mom making baby blankets”, but that’s not what I envision for Froo & Boo. I want my baby products to be cheery and bold, just like my kiddos. Stylish and fun. Fresh and modern. Providing happy babies with cuddly warmth. High quality fabrics with meticulous handmade craftswomanship.

I have 2 products that I am launching with Froo & Boo: the “Froo & Boo Baby Blanket” and the “Sunshine & Grey Skies Cloud Pillow”. Both are fun products that would be perfect gifts for a baby shower, a first (second, or third…) birthday or your own precious baby. Both products can be personalized with a name, message or date.

The Froo & Boo Baby Blanket has 3 variations:

1. The Froo Baby Blanket – this blanket is for a baby girl who loves to laugh and play with a joyful heart. Little bunny Froo is hiding, but you can see her pink polka dot bow and chic Liberty of London ears popping up, ready to hop at any moment.

2. The Boo Baby Blanket – this blanket features navy blue naughty-cal stripes, perfect for the mischievous boy who just wants you to smile at him. Little bunny Boo is playing hide-and-seek, but you can still see his handsome Liberty of London ears.

3. The Froo & Boo Baby Blanket – this blanket can be made for both a baby girl or boy, but is shown below for a baby boy. Both Froo and Boo are hiding, but can hardly contain their excitement. This blanket can be customized to feature: 2 Froo bunnies, 2 Boo bunnies, or Froo & Boo (as shown).

I am really happy with how the blankets turned out–I think they really represent the look & feel of Froo & Boo. I love that Froo & Boo products can be truly unique. A handmade, personalized gift for a special baby boy or girl–it doesn’t get much better then that!

Inspired by the ever-sweet song “You are my sunshine”, the Sunshine & Grey Skies Cloud pillow is a visual interpretation that would be perfect in any nursery or child’s room. It is made with super-soft flannel and filled with ultra plush fiber. The Sunshine & Grey Skies Cloud Pillow comes in 3 variations: shocking pink, navy blue or white trim. They coordinate well with the Froo, Boo and Froo & Boo Baby Blankets.

The Sunshine & Grey Skies Cloud Pillow can also be personalized with a custom name, message or date. This one shows the date my niece was born, just a couple of days ago! Congrats big sis on your new baby girl–I can’t wait to meet her!

The Sunshine & Grey Skies Cloud Pillow also comes with wrapping paper, since it is an awkward shape for wrapping. The cloud envelope is machine sewn together and can be embellished with bows, pompoms, stickers, stamps, drawings–however you choose to decorate it. A small gift tag is also enclosed.

So that is the PIPPA I was working on–I haven’t slept much lately, but I am so happy to be designing my own line of baby products! I have more products that I would like to start making, but I am testing the market with these 2 products first. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Please visit my Etsy store ( for more product details.


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  1. Sheree

    Hey there. I think your blankets and cushions are really cute! good luck building your business. I wish you lots of success 🙂

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