Drooly Bibs

When Boo was an infant, he was super drooly. He would soak through all of his bibs and shirts. His little stuffed hippo was always wet and smelled like drool. His pet name was “puppy” because he crawled around everywhere with his drool-soaked hippo in his mouth. I can’t believe he was ever this little:

To make my drooly bibs, I used this bandana bib tutorial, but I made mine a little bigger (12″ x 12″ squares, cut in half diagonally to create 2 triangles). Then I couldn’t stop making them and I ended up making drooly bibs for all of my friends’ babies, even the non-drooly ones. I had 2 versions of the drooly bib: Version 1 featured 2 layers–a printed cotton backed with soft flannel. Version 2 had an additional vinyl layer inside. This was a huge improvement on Version 1 for two reasons: drool stayed on the first layer of the bib and the vinyl helped keep the shape of the bib. Below is a sample of Version 1, with crinkly seams.

I’m not sure what this fabric is called, but it worked great as a lining to stop drool from soaking through to the backside of the bib. It’s very thin and flexible. It was about $4/metre.

The drooly bibs came back to life because Boo is teething. He has 4, yup, that’s right, 4 teeth coming in at the same time! Not only is he drooly, but he is also very snotty. The drooly bib still fits–I think it fits even better now that he doesn’t have so many chins, I mean, folds under his chin. Now that he is a bit older, the snaps are great because he can’t pull the bib off by himself. The drooly bib with monkeys on it is Version 2.

Today after lunch, Froo was yelling something, but I couldn’t hear her because I was in the bathroom. When I came out, she was saying something about bananas. Meanwhile, Boo ran up to show me his hands. They were covered with bananas. He had taken them off the kitchen counter and squished holes through them with his fingers. I washed his hands and put him in the time out corner. He pretends to look remorseful, but he has a great time in time out; he grates his fingers along the vent, he babbles and laughs, and he yells “mommy!” over and over again. Then when we have our “talk” he nods fervently that he will never squish bananas again and gives me a big smoochie kiss. Why do I fall for it every time?


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  1. Amy

    It’s amazing those bibs still fit Boo . He looks so adorable wearing this fashionable bib. These bibs are really good quality and durable coz they still look as good as new even after so many wash. Hope this is going to be one of your product items. Btw, love Boo’s remorseful face. 🙂

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