I can’t believe it! (x2)

Last week, I participated in Project Run & Play’s sewing challenge to create a look based on a fashion icon. I created this Kate Middleton military coat for Froo. I saw some really awesome pieces in the Flickr group and was seriously amazed at the talent out there to create (rather quickly) designs from scratch. So imagine my surprise when my WordPress stats spiked (I think my mother-in-law and girlfriends are the only ones who visit, I don’t think my own mom has been to my blog yet) and bloggers I’ve been following have been leaving such lovely comments–eek! How exciting! Thanks for all of your positive feedback!

I am still in shock and took this screen shot to make sure it really happened:

Another thing that I can’t believe… Boo sat still through half of Froo’s 45-minute dance class! I have tried everything to keep him calm: videos on the iPad, crayons, cars, snacks, rubber stamps (bad idea)–nothing held his interest. All he wants to do is shake the gate until he can bust through and dance with the girls. Until I came up with a brilliant idea.

For some reason, both Froo & Boo love to play with buttons. Froo likes the shiny ones, Boo likes the big ones. He will hold one in his hand all day. At the end of the day, there will be one clenched in his fist. I bought a big bag of plastic buttons at Michael’s to use for Froo’s quiet book, so I filled a pillbox (from Daiso, the Japanese dollar store) with buttons of every colour. I gave it to him when we arrived at Froo’s dance class and he had so much fun moving buttons from the small compartments into the main box. He is even starting to sort the buttons! There is one special button and he picked it up and said, “heart”. I asked him where the blue one was, but he didn’t know until I said, “where is the Cookie Monster blue button?” He picked up the blue button and was really happy. I know I shouldn’t compare, but when Froo was Boo’s age, she knew the difference between dark, regular and light pink. I took the box and put it away in my purse as soon as we left so he won’t get bored with it. I hope it will work next week!


7 responses to “I can’t believe it! (x2)

  1. Tiara

    Congrats that jacket was to die for! I was going to put the burberryesque one on pinterest but didn’t know if you’d mind or not?

  2. Amy

    YAAY….. Congratulations. My D I L is the best !! 🙂

  3. Cheebee

    Love! Congrats on the jacket! It’s amazing! I’m also going to steal that button idea for my own boo, just hope that he won’t eat them! Your boo is becoming an adorable little man btw!

  4. jas

    hi i..wow, such an amazing blog..you are SUPER mommy~the kids are so adorable..congrats<3 xoxo

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