Fashion Icon Week

Actually, it’s Froo’s birthday week. But over at Project Run & Play, there is a sewing challenge to create a look based on a fashion icon. My fashion icon: Kate Middleton. Who didn’t sigh at the sight of her in her wedding gown? The hubs and I stayed up past 1-something in the morning to watch the ceremony live and I just couldn’t stop talking about her dress. Ah-mazing.

So the cogs in my mind started turning and I really wanted to participate in this one. I googled Kate Middleton and the first thing that struck me was the McQueen military coat she wore last year. It’s fitted, yet modest, modern, yet traditional.

I wanted to create a very similar silhouette, so I decided on using a stretch French Terry for this coat. I bought a remnant at Fabricana because I knew I could make something for either Froo or Boo. The exterior is smooth and soft with a generous amount of stretch. After learning to use a double-needle for sewing knits from this tutorial, I have come to love sewing with knits. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours to wear; it’s also one of my favourite colours to dress both Froo & Boo in.

Yesterday, I started off by tracing Froo’s knit blazer, but ran out of tracing paper, so I improvised a bit. This is the first thing I’ve ever drafted myself, so I was a little nervous. After cutting out my paper pieces, I put them together to see if they would fit, then made some modifications. I used the Lily Bird Studio Mona Coat as a reference for construction and the Wiksten Tova as a reference for putting in a stand-up collar.

I may have said that this was the cutest coat ever, but this one could take its place. I tried to take pictures of Froo inside, but her eyes kept getting drawn to the tv, so I ended up taking pictures of her outside.

This was Froo’s first pose. The sleeves are a little long–I drafted my pattern based on a GapKids size small (6-7). Froo said her hands were cold.

After scrunching up her sleeves, she insisted that she was still cold. I was contemplating making the coat in a 3/4 length sleeve, as in Kate Middleton’s, but Froo needs the extra 1/4 for warmth.

I cut a clover out of heavy cardstock paper, painted it with gold metallic paint and stuck it on a bar pin to make a brooch. It is very flimsy–I don’t think it will last the elements. I will have to rethink this one.

A full-length photo of Froo in the coat. You can see the placket showing through. It is the same fabric that I used to line her Burberry-Inspired School Coat. I made the placket too narrow, so it didn’t end up reinforcing the backs of the buttons. It does give the coat stability and structure.

Some additional photos sans Froo:

A detailed look.

If playing princess dress-up meant wearing clothes like this, I would play with Froo all the time.


17 responses to “Fashion Icon Week

  1. What a lovely coat! I totally want one! And fantastic job with your first drafted pattern!!!! I love Kate’s style too. 🙂

  2. To say I Love this would be an understatement…I L-O-V-E this! Well done!

  3. Sarah Helene

    A COUTURE COAT– for a darling daughter, Froo! What a professional job sewing a tailored navy coat styled after the newest fashion icon, Kate Middleton! Regal in your EXCELLENT work– you’re a talented designer & sewer indeed!

  4. this is amaaaaazing! you deserved the win! It’s gorgeous and you have a new blog follower! i love your style. 🙂

  5. Oh…I love this! It is so chic, but cute! Love the inspiration and the final project! Great job!

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  7. This is so gorgeous…. I want one too for me, my man and my little girl

  8. Louise

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! You are so talented.

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  11. This is so cute!!!! I can’t believe you did that yourself! I make all sorts of things like quilts, and stuff for around the house. I’m just getting into garment sewing, but I’m hoping to be able to do what you did here someday. I’d love to have a handle on drawing and designing clothing. Beautiful job! And what a beautiful daughter, too!

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  13. Kim

    The coat looks AMAZING! And she models so well 😉

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