Something for Boo

I make stuff for Boo, too. Just not as much stuff as I make for Froo. I find that I only sew him “useful” things, rather than “cute” things. This next project is both useful and cute. Score!

I bought another stroller. Right now, we have 2 strollers. A Joovy Caboose Ultralight Tandem stroller (awesome for 2 kids) and a jogging stroller. But I don’t jog. The wheels are as huge as bicycle wheels–it practically strolls itself. So why #3? I am flying back to Vancouver for a week in October with Froo & Boo, without the hubs. The thought of packing up the tandem stroller, putting it through security and making sure Boo doesn’t run off gives me angina. I refuse to put a leash on him, but the thought has crossed my mind. I decided I would get an umbrella stroller for Boo instead. I found a highly-rated umbrella stroller on Amazon for $36.94 with free shipping and no tax, so I made my guilt-free purchase.

At the price point, the Jet stroller offers exceptional value. However, the seat is not padded. Even though Boo is still in diapers and he has ample padding in his tooshie, I wanted to make him a padded stroller liner. So yesterday, I took the kids to Jo-Ann in the morning, then I started and finished the project in the afternoon while Froo was at preschool and Boo was napping.

Items #1-3 in the picture below are indispensable. A cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter save oodles of time! I was immediately drawn to the fabric; I love turquoise and how cute are the elephants? Orange isn’t my favourite colour, but it pairs nicely with the turquoise and gives it a mod look. The hubs said the fabric reminded him of Perry the Platypus.

The concept of the stroller liner is exactly the same as putting a quilt together, except I didn’t “quilt” it together (unless you count the buttonholes I made for the openings to accommodate the straps). I used this tutorial as a starting point for sewing my stroller liner.

I used a coordinating print for the backside; the stroller liner is now fully reversible.

A detailed look. I used the automatic buttonhole setting on my sewing machine and set it to a large size to fit the straps.

When I first started sewing with printed fabric, I could never figure out which direction the patterns were printed. Now I know that they are usually printed from selvedge to selvedge–which is important if you want the elephants to be marching the right way. To save on fabric, I measured the stroller before I went to Jo-Ann’s and realized that I could buy a half yard and sew 2 pieces of fabric together (one for the seat and one for the back), instead of cutting one long continuous piece. I also cut the batting in 2 pieces, which creates a nice crease at the seat corner.

Now the challenge will be to keep Boo in the stroller…


5 responses to “Something for Boo

  1. Deborah

    Come by school when you get here, no excuses!

    • Already planning on it Deb! Will let you know which date soon. (Do you have a prep block this semester or next?)

      • Deborah

        Block C, let me know, I’ll bring in patterns for you- we’re hoping to get Tasia from Sewaholic to talk to the students-if we know when you’re here….

  2. Margie

    This is Margie. I think you are so talented. Can the blog be Froo, boo& Margie …lol!
    Hope all is well!

  3. Amy

    Again Irene you have amazed me with your ingenuity !

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