A new camera case

For my birthday a couple of years ago, my hubs got me the Olympus PEN EPL-1 camera. I wanted something with DSLR quality in a compact size, but most importantly, it’s a very cute camera! Unfortunately, the cases for it are not. I didn’t want to lug around a huge padded bag every time I took my camera out–that seemed to defeat the purpose of its compact size. I’ve been using an old makeup case that came free with scented lotions to hold my camera. (I actually bought the lotions just for the case.) It reduces bulk in my diaper bag, but it isn’t padded and it’s starting to fall apart. I finally sat down to make my own case. I had some leftover Echo fabric from my cushion makeover that I wanted to use. So I took some measurements and just went for it. I used this tote bag tutorial as a base to create a box. I ironed on fusible fleece to the backsides of both the printed fabric and the lining for extra padding. The lining is a linen/cotton blend I had leftover from another project. It bugs me that the velcro tab is crooked. I might restitch it.A view from the top.
A side view of the case. The snaps were put in place to cinch the top together. The camera lens accounts for the extra width, but the case needs to be tighter at the top. I have a fancy triple-stitch function on my sewing machine, so I added some detailing using a dark purple thread.
I attached a piece of twill ribbon with snaps on both ends to fasten around the camera strap. At first I made it too short, then I cut it in half and added more fabric to lengthen it. This is one of my favourite features–the camera case becomes an extension of the camera. I don’t know how many missed opportunities I’ve had to take those “picture-perfect” moments of Froo & Boo while trying to unzip my camera case. The moment usually passes as mommy tries to recreate it by directing them into a forced pose.There is a pocket on the inside that ended up being a happy accident. I discovered it after I sewed on the top flap. The photos were printed from my Polaroid PoGo printer. It’s a great little printer that I like to use to make greeting cards with pictures of Froo & Boo. Colour matching is way off, but the convenience of having instant photos is golden.
The front and back views.This picture shows the loopy snap thing being used to stay on the camera strap.And finally, some pictures with the camera in the case. I only have the one camera, so I used my iPhone to take the photos.I am pretty happy with my new case!


2 responses to “A new camera case

  1. amy

    I have never thought of a camera case could be this chic looking ! Bravo !

  2. Mary

    Love it. Your whole place is very chic! You should go into biz selling your homemade gadgets! =)

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